Monday, August 28, 2017

Why We Love Pop Tops Juice Drink!

Kids love fruit juices, as much as possible they 'd drink more of it than water. I was just like them when I was little. I can still recall how my dad would always remind me to drink lots of water every day. I don't know how or when it started but surprisingly, I am now a water person and just like how my dad I would always remind the kids about their water intake. Anyhow, we're not going to talk about water on this post but about fruit juices. Lol! Since the kids love it, as a mom it is my duty to provide them with not just the best tasting but the best there is for them.

Of course, nothing beats freshly squeezed fruit juices but seriously who has the time? Yes, we can have some of those once in a while but frequently and during time-crunched days, we opt for the ones that are readily available or ready to drink, right mommas?

We have tried a lot of fruit juice brands and we have our own personal favorites and one of the latest ones we've tried which also made it to our list is, Pop Tops- Australia's favorite juice drink!

From the bottle to the juice, Pop Tops is designed to entice the young ones with its taste and packaging.

Pop Tops was developed with health and safety in mind. It is not enough that each child is satisfied. They have to benefit from what they consume in the long run. Each drink they consume is an investment in their future health, and Pop Tops is the only kids' beverage that delivers this in a way that children will love.” says director Neil Vincent Ching.

So, what do we love about Pop Tops? It comes in a handy-lunch box sized 250ml serving perfect for little tot’s drinking needs and for moms to carry in our purse. With the right serving size, moms will have a peace of mind that their kids get the nutrients that they need in the amount they want. Its bottle has a child-friendly grip designed for little hands, and a smaller drinking spout to avoid spillage and mess. With a pop-top cap, the drinking is resealable! 

Pop Tops is made from real fruit juice, with 30 percent less sugar and less sodium, and has no artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. On top of that, Pop Tops juices are made in Australia with the highest quality and safety standards that our children deserve. 

Apart from that, the colorful characters from the Pop Tops bunch, led by Alfi Apple and Oli Orange adds fun to our kid’s drinking experience!

Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think!

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