Monday, August 21, 2017

Television Tearing Your Family Apart? Put An End To The Arguments Today

If you’re anything like most families, the television causes nothing but arguments. In many households, that little device is more hassle than it’s worth. Despite your desire to find programs you can all enjoy, your tastes are just too different. As such, you end up turning the television off to solve issues, and then no one's happy. It’s far from ideal and can cause significant problems in any family. 

We’re going to level with you straight away; there’s no easy fix for this. While we would love to wave a wand and find television harmony, it’s not going to happen. But, that doesn’t mean this is an entirely lost cause. While you may not be able to enjoy the television together, there are ways to make sure you all get a chance to watch your favorite shows. Read on to learn about them! 
Develop a decent system

Systems and time schedules are the staple of a harmonious house. That’s certainly true when it comes to your television.Take the time to sit down and plan out who has the television, and when. It may seem like a hassle, but you’ll be glad you did it. A few things to consider when planning are:
  • What time is each of your favorite programs?
  • Do they overlap? 
  • How long should you each get the remote?
  • Is the plan fair on everyone?
Once you know the above, you can start to plan a system around the answers. A simple chart will ensure you can easily arrange things. Use a color coding system to ensure nothing overlaps. Then, make sure the whole household, including you and your partner, know what’s what. Stick the chart somewhere in plain view, so you can all come back to it if you need to. 

Streaming to satisfy your tastes

If the main disagreements are simply a matter of taste, streaming could be a fantastic way around it. Using streaming sites and providers like Netflix, you can all watch what you fancy when you fancy it. Investing in a tablet would mean that two people can watch at any one time. It could be a dream come true for your household. This way, you could catch on the news, while the kids are happily watching anime on the tablet. Most of us have considered getting another television in the past, but this is a much cheaper option. Plus, you’ll all be able to sit in the same room while you watch. It may not be the quality time you’d imagined, but we have to take it where we can, right? 

The power of recording

If many of your programs overlapped during planning, consider getting a recording device. Many options, such a Youview boxes, and Sky services allow you to record up to two programs at a time. With a little planning, no one has to miss out on anything. These services also offer series recording options. Using these will ensure you never forget to press that all important ‘R’ on the remote!

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