Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Incorporating Comfort Into Your Interiors Without Sacrificing Aesthetic

When it comes to interior design, most properties tend to swing one of two ways: the impeccable show home style house or the cluttered, well-lived-in home. Why? Because people tend to believe that presentation has to be all or nothing. They will spend hours poring over the minor details or throw caution to the wind and ensure that their house shows all of the wear and tear of everyday life. So, where do we draw the line and can we achieve a healthy balance? Of course, we can. The key to getting it right is moderation. So, here’s how to incorporate comfort and homeliness to your property without sacrificing a stunning aesthetic.
Ditch the Clutter

A good place to start your venture towards a cozy, beautiful home is to de-clutter. Regardless of the season, it’s time for a spring clean. Throw away anything that you do not use or does not add a special touch to the living space. If something is unnecessary, it is merely taking up space that would be better left unoccupied.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Of course, there are some things that you need to keep but may not use in your everyday routine. But not to worry, there’s an answer to your issues: effective storage solutions. These range from under bed storage (ideal for extra bedding) to added wardrobe storage (scarf hangers, organizer baskets for underwear or vest tops) and even expansive bookshelves (for those of us who prefer traditional paperback and hardback books over Kindles and other e-readers). These allow you to keep your essentials, without having them strewn about your property.

Invest in Your Bed

Your bed is where you are going to spend most of your time resting, so make sure that you invest properly in it. Choose a strong, sturdy base (divan bases tend to be preferable and longer lasting). Then purchase a high-quality mattress. Your mattress should last you for around eight years, so choose wisely. Find something with the perfect support for your posture, weight, height and body shape. For extra comfort, you can even add a mattress topper or opt for a pillow top mattress. Read a few pillow top mattress reviews for reliable information on the different varieties that are available to you. Finally? Soft, French linen bedding. This maintains its shape through washes and is lightweight and breathe easy while adding a touch of chic to your room’s appearance. You can always add a throw or knitted blanket to keep toasty during the winter.

Implement Scatter Cushions and Throws

Nothing beats cuddling up on the sofa under a soft blanket with a plump cushion supporting your head. So don’t feel the need to sacrifice these items, sending them off to charity stores or the recycling bank. Besides offering comfort, they offer a great means of adding a splash of colour, pattern or different textures to the room. If you don’t like the throws being slung over the backs of chairs and the sofa when not in use, you can invest in a statement hanger of some sort.

So, there you have it. You can be cozy and comfortable within your own home without its aesthetic going out of the window. Perfect!

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