Thursday, August 17, 2017

5 Tips To Help Your Car Security Go Up A Gear

You would think that when your car is parked at home, it couldn’t be any safer, right? Well, in actual fact, there are a lot of reports of car theft and break ins when auto owners least expect it. Quite a few people who have reported a stolen car only realize that it is no longer on their drive when they go to get into it for work!

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are my top five tips to ensure your car is also safe and secure when it’s at home.

Install An Immobilizer

If you don’t have an immobilizer in your car already, you really should get one installed. It is a handy device that prevents the car being started without the key. So, even if a car thief tries to hot wire the car, there is no way it the engine will start when there is an immobilizer in place. Plus, immobilizers often bring down insurance premiums! You can find out more about immobilizers at

Take It Off The Curb

It’s important that you don’t simply park your car out on the roadside, even if it is right outside your property. It will be much safer on a driveway or in a garage with secured doors. Take a look at if you want to buy some extra secure doors. Once the car is off the curb and on your property, it is less likely to catch a thief’s attention. 

Add A Steering Lock

Steering locks are metal devices that are placed across the entire steering wheel. Once it is in place, it can only be opened and removed with a key. Although these aren’t completely impossible for a thief to take off, they do act as a very effective deterrent. If a thief notices one on a car, they normally move onto a vehicle that doesn’t have one, as it will be much easier to pinch. 

Don’t Leave Valuables Inside

If a thief notices anything expensive or of value inside your car, they will break in to try and steal it. So, as you can see, it is absolutely crucial that you don’t leave any valuables in your car. Or, if you do, then make sure they are well hidden and out of sight. The glove box is the perfect place to hide anything that you don’t want any passersby to notice!

Get A Car Tracking System

You can’t always prevent a break in and your car being stolen. So, it is important to equip your auto with a tracking device so that you can quickly find out where it is if it ever does go missing. Most modern tracking devices can connect to your smartphone’s GPS, so you can easily track your car on your phone.

You don’t want to go through all the stress and expense that comes if your car gets stolen. So remember these great tips, and you’ll rarely have to worry about car thieves!

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