Thursday, July 20, 2017

Conservatory Conversion: How To Create The Playroom You've Always Wanted

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we could use more space in our homes. This is especially true when you have kids. There are toys everywhere and no space left where you can just relax. You can’t even sit on the sofa for mess a lot of the time. If only you could take control of your house by relegating those toys to a playroom. But, who has the room? Space is tight as it is, and there’s no chance of moving anytime soon.

If you take the time to think about it, though, the chances are you have a few spaces in your home which go to waste. Areas like the attic and the basement are notorious for this, but they aren’t practical for a playroom. You need to be able to see what your kids are up to, after all. But, if you happen to have an unused conservatory, you’re in luck. These old fashioned throw backs often sit empty, and it’s easy to see why. Temperature control is difficult in a glass box, and what practical purpose could space have anyway? Funny you should ask! With a little effort, we think your conservatory could become the ideal playroom. Here’s what you’d need to do to make it happen. 

Clear Unnecessary Furniture

First, you’re going to need to remove the furniture you have in the room already. We often include an obligatory patio sofa or some sun chairs. Sometimes, our conservatories become nothing more than dumping grounds. Clear it all out. You’ve seen how much space your kids take up when they’re playing. The clearer the floor the better. Plus, the more room you have to play with, the more of their toys you’ll be able to fit into space. You’ll be able to replace that unloved sofa with their favorite kitchen set.

Clearing the furniture is also crucial for making your kids feel this room belongs to them. And, that feeling of ownership is important if you want them to use the space you’re creating. If they don’t feel the room is their own, they may simply collect their toys and play elsewhere. If that happens, you’ll be back at square one. 

An Easy To Clean Floor

If you have carpet on the floor of your conservatory, now is the ideal time to change it. In keeping with making this your kid’s space, you don’t want to worry about them making a mess there. Of course, you’ll still need to keep an eye on them. But, you don’t want to run in every five minutes for fear of stains and spillages. Let’s be honest; they would probably happen quite fast, anyway. And, a dirty carpet is sure to ruin the playroom you’ve created. Not to mention that it’s not the most hygienic thing!

Instead, consider installing easy to clean tiles like those found at These will look fantastic and will ensure keeping clean is as simple as wiping them down every few days. If tiles don’t appeal, a laminate floor would also work. Bear in mind, though, that wooden flooring does have gaps between the panels. If sticky spillages drip down there, you’ll soon know about it. Tiles, at least, provide an unbroken surface. 

Ensure You Can Use It All Year

Much of the problem with conservatories is that they’re unusable for a lot of the year. In the scorching hot sun, they get far too hot. But, during the winter months, they’re icy cold. As such, we lock the door and don’t enter from one month to the next. So, if you want to make this space your kids can use, you need to tackle the temperature. The good news is, this may not be as tricky as you think. A simple air con and a heater are all you need here. If you wanted, you could install a system, but that wouldn’t be simple. Instead, you may be best off opting for portable options. In many ways, these are a more practical option. You can move or remove them when you need to. If you aren’t sure about what’s available, take a look at reviews on sites like These will help you to make an informed decision and ensure you get a model which serves your purposes. 

It’s also worth considering lighting, for those dark winter evenings. During the coldest months, it’s already dark when the kids get home from school. And, if you don’t tackle the heating in their playroom, it’ll still be a no go at that time of year. You could, of course, install a standard overhead light. Bear in mind, though, that connecting the electricity and so on could end up being a major task. Instead, why not install fairy lights? These will be fun for your kids and can plug into a socket in the house to save the hassle. Or, you could invest in a solar option. Might as well make the most of that sunlight, after all! 

Tackle Storage

It’s also worth turning your attention to storage. To some degree, you’re giving this room up to keep the rest of your house clean. But, that doesn’t mean you should let the conservatory go to wrack and ruin. At the end of the day, it’s still a part of your home. And, none of us enjoy having a messy room in our homes. So, it’s important to provide storage for all those toys. The chances are, your kids won’t keep the place tidy. But, having the storage there means that you can pop in and clean it up in no time. 

Remember that you want to keep this room as clear as possible. With that in mind, it’s important to get creative with storage. You could slide plastic containers underneath their playsets. You could even hang small nets in which to keep soft toys etc. These will make a fantastic design feature, and ensure there’s less clutter on the floor!

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