Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cheers: All The Napkin You Need Everyday!

They say that first-time moms are very meticulous. And, I couldn't agree more! I became one when I became a first-time mom myself. I'm very particular about details and you'd always see me cleaning up every now and then. I became even more so when I became a stay at home full-time mom. However, things changed when I started to work again. Sad to say but, I spend less time at home and less time with my kids. That's why whenever it's my rest day, as much as possible, I see to it that I stay home to do some cleaning and spend quality time with the kids. And for this, I've found an ally in products that make everyday life easier for on the go moms like me. 

Let me share with you some of our most used items at home right now, Kitchen and Paper Towels from Cheers! 

  • Cheers Kitchen Towel Roll: Jumbo Solo 80 pulls
  • Cheers Table Napkins: Flat Napkins – 100 sheets
  • Cheers Interfolded Paper Towels: Pull Paper Towels – 2 Ply 150 sheets
  • Cheers Table Napkins: Folded Party Napkins – 50 sheets
  • Cheers Table Napkins: Pull Napkins – 2 Ply 200 sheets

Aside from Napkins, Cheers has other party or get-together needs such as starch-based cutleries and trash bags.
  • Cheers Cutlery: 12 Spoons and 12 Forks
  • Cheers Trash Bags Large: 10 pieces 
Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins, kitchen, and paper towels. It comes in a range of napkin configurations, that are useful for all types of everyday needs and occasions, thus avoiding paper wastage. It also comes in different print designs that are colorful and festive!

Having little kids means a messy house. Just imagine, toys scattered all over the house, food crumbs, and spills. I find Cheers Napkins very useful in managing their messes. 

Cheers Folded Party Napkins comes with a box container and is available in 50 sheets with 2 different print designs inside. This makes things extra special for the kids.

Mealtime gets pretty messy with this little cutie. Instead of using cloth bibs or handkerchief and worry about washing it after being stained, I use Cheers. I use either the Cheers  Flat Napkins or the Cheers Folder Party Napkins. I just tuck it in their shirts or place it on their laps to catch the spills then throw it away afterward. 

I also use the Cheers Folded Party Table Napkins to wrap the kids, baon for school then they use it to wipe their mouth after eating. Kids are really fond of the prints!

Cheers Table Napkins: Flat Napkins – 100 sheets
Cheers Kitchen Towel Roll: Jumbo Solo 80 pulls
The Cheers Flat Napkins and Towel Roll could also be used for wrapping their baon or as bibs. I also use them for draining excess oil from fried foods, drying my hands and the dishes, and wiping off surfaces.

Cheers Pull Napkins are always readily available in the dining area for minor spillage. I also place some of it in the kids' lunch bags so they can use it to wipe off their mouth after eating instead of using their handkerchief. Jaear and I also do the same.

The Cheers cutlery is also very useful especially in times when I am too lazy to wash the dishes. Let's admit it, mommies, we all have lazy days haha! Cheers cutleries are eco-friendly and biodegradable thus it's very safe to use. It's also oil resistant and heat resistant up to 110°C. 

Cheers indeed have all the napkins I need every day. It makes my life easier as it offers quick fixes on some of my kitchen dilemmas. Above it all, what I like about Cheers is that it has 100% Virgin Pulp that is made for every possible tissue/napkin. It contains no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine which makes it truly hygienic. The print designs use food grade water soluble ink so it's totally safe to use!

As a mom, I totally recommend Cheers! Make sure to check it out, it's available in leading groceries nationwide.

You may also follow Cheers Facebook Page for more information and updates.

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