Sunday, March 13, 2016

TrisoPure Baby Wash Review + Giveaway-Closed!!!

February has been a very busy month for me especially because I already started working from home, yes I'm officially a work at home mom so you see I had to deal with lots of adjustments. Anyway, I'm glad to have finally found time to blog again and for starter, here's a product review and a giveaway!

Last month, I received a TrisoPure baby wash gift pack from Pediatrica. As a mom, I have an endless quest of finding the right products for my kids so I'm totally fine with trying out different products as long as they are safe. And, TrisoPure is gently formulated for baby's skin so I'm confident it's safe. Though Brianna is already 2 years old, no longer a baby she's now a toddler (but I still call and treat her like a baby) and being a toddler means being more active which makes her more sweaty. Since Brianna turned into a toddler, we got used to using a scented baby wash for her, so the only concern I had at first is that Brianna might smell "maasim" after an active play since TrisoPure is fragrance free. Nevertheless we used it the very next day.

TrisoPure comes in a transparent glass like bottle, so everything is visible from the outside. The baby wash itself is also transparent, I'm not sure though if it's the bottle or the solution that has a pink tinge. So after getting Brianna wet with water, I poured an ample amount of TrisoPure baby wash on my palm, applied it on her body and rinsed it off with water. Unlike other baby wash, TrisoPure is easy to rinse and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. It was late in the morning when I bathed Brianna, and then all she did the whole day was just play, eat and all the usual toddler stuff. Came late afternoon, I checked on her and as usual she's "pawisin" she doesn't smell fresh already but the good thing is that she's not "maasim" either. We've been using TrisoPure everyday for almost a month already and so far Brianna didn't experience any skin irritation or allergic reactions, so there's really nothing to complain about. 

Based on our first hand experience I can definitely recommend TrisoPure baby wash for newborns to toddlers, but always remember that babies are different, not because it worked for us doesn't mean that it will be the same with others. In case of irritation or suspected allergic reaction, please discontinue use and consult a doctor.

So what are the ingredients of TrisoPure?

TriSoPure Baby Wash contains glycerin and panthenol, which maintains the skin’s natural moisture. It is also enriched with chamomile extract to soothe the skin.

TrisoPure is dermatologically tested and designed to clean baby’s skin with its mild solution. It is gently formulated at pH5 to match baby’s skin pH thus it is safe for everyday use. It is also hypoallergenic and soap-free.

TrisoPure baby wash is So Clean. So Gentle. So Pure!

TriSoPure Baby Wash is available in 170 ml for Php 155.00, 400 ml for Php 308.00  and is available in Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy and other drugstores nationwide!

Alright so you made it to the last part of my review which means, you too can get a chance to try TrisoPure Baby wash from Pediatrica that I'm raffling off to 5 winners! Winning is super easy, just follow the steps and earn raffle entries from the rafflecopter below.

Update: Please do all the Mandatory steps to qualify. I have added 1 more step to make the promo more exciting. Good luck to all! This contest is for Metro Manila residents only. Don't worry non MM residents, I'll be having another giveaway soon!

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