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HALI Cosmetics Lip Blur Tints Review

I am challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something new and different. And, one thing that I'd love to learn is how to put on makeup. Well, technically, I can put on makeup but just the basic, face powder or tinted sunscreen, blush on and my must-have, lipstick or lip tint, anything that would put color on my pale lips and would not make me look sick. LOL! 

So if you've been following me on social media, then you already saw my  HALI Cosmetics Lip blur tints post. Yes, slowly ticking off "putting on makeup" from my list. Yey! 

HALI Cosmetics is a new Cosmetic brand in the market with an FDA-approved manufacturer. It was born out of Rayrose's (owner) love of makeup. The name HALI was even coined from her sons' names HA- Harvey, and LI-Liam. This brand is close to her heart and aims to bring out the beauty of the people who will use her products. 

And, their first product is the Lip blur! It is a matte finish lip creme that has most of the colors of red, pink, and orange that will sure to complement every skin tone. It is available in 8 shades, and every shade has its meanings. Each shade is named after the people who helped Rayrose when she was feeling down.  

Interesting, right? Let's get to know more about them.

HALI Cosmetics Lip blur tints

From left to right: Cannie, Zhania, Lean, and Nicole

Cannie- This shade is a muted pink that will give your lips a younger-looking color. Behind the shade, Cannie is a tweaked version of Rayrose's mom's name. She is her stone and a perfect color to describe her. A Muted personality but once you swipe it to your lips you can see how beautiful she is.

Zhania- Zhania is on a muted Coral shade in the collection that will add warmth to your look. Behind the shade, Zhania is Rayrose's sweet niece who loves art.

Lean- This shade is one of the reds in the collection. It has a blue undertone, wear this shade when you feel lonely and this will brighten up your day. Behind the shade, Lean is a morena girl who loves arts
and designing. 

Nicole- This shade is one of the Coral in the collection. Nicole is a perfect mix of red and orange for those who prefer a vibrant red-orange to their lips. Behind the shade, Nicole is a strong woman, perfect for this striking color. She has a personality that can conquer every dream.

From left to right: Skylar, Michelle, Brielle, and Mandy

Skylar- Another pink in the collection. It is muted pink that gives your lips a younger-looking color. Skylar named after the daughter of one of  Rayrose's friends who helped her when she was down.

Michelle- Another red in the collection. This has a deep red color that gives a sultry look, incredible on all skin tones. Behind the shade is her Ate Michelle, one of my Rayrose's dearest friends. The one who knows her every problem and gives her bits of advice. 

Brielle - Here's another red. This color is perfect for those who love a dynamic red color like Marilyn Monroe. Behind the shade, Brielle is a cute little girl of another friend.

Mandy- It is a dark red shade that definitely looks good on anyone. Mandy is an adorable and sweet little girl, Rayrose's cousin. 

All 8 shades are very pretty which makes it hard for me to choose. But, my top 3 favorites are Nicole, Skylar, and Brielle. They all make my teeth look white especially the red ones. 

  • Aside from its beautiful shades, these tints are infused with Vitamin E & aloe vera extract. Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and relieves chapped and dry lips while aloe vera extract has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Long-wearing lip color
  • Formulated by an FDA manufacturer
  • No harmful chemicals included

Expiration: 24 months after opening the product
Ingredients: Rose Water, Vitamin E, Flavorant, Premium Colorant, Talcum, Kaolin, Food Preservative

  • To Achieve that Korean lip color with our Lip Blur tints. Apply 3 small dots to your lips and blur it out using a brush or your hands.
  • To Achieve a bolder look. Apply the Lip Blur throughout your lips. You can do it for about 1-3 layers depending on your preference.
Oh, here's a behind the scene story. I almost left my lips bleeding because I swatched all 8 shades in just one sitting! I thought it was just easy, but I was wrong! How do beauty vloggers make it look so easy? Haha!

Anyway, if you wish to try HALI Cosmetics Lip Blur tints, here's a 10% discount for a minimum purchase of 300php. Use my code "HALIAngelsPearlwhen you order on their partner website: Mandy Mae Co.

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