Saturday, May 8, 2021

Celebrate Mother's Month with Andok's Simple Salu-salo

Happiness is waking up next to my family and, to this- a sumptuous Andok's feast waiting on the dining table! I work graveyard shifts and waking up after 3-4 hours of sleep every morning is such a struggle, and here comes thinking about what to cook for lunch or dinner. So this much-needed break from the kitchen 2 days before Mother's Day makes me feel happy and appreciated.

I remember when I was still a kid, there was a small Andok's stall close to where my cousin lives and every time we visit, her dad would buy Andok's Litson Manok. But after a few years, that one Andok's stall disappeared. So when I was in college, my friends and I would travel almost 2 hours to go to Baguio to get a taste of Andok's Dokito Frito. Those were the days. Now that I live in Metro Manila, there are Andok's stalls everywhere. And, did you know? Dokito Fried Chicken was one of my food cravings when I was pregnant with Athena.

So yes, I am so happy with this surprise feast. It has all my classic faves and more! It's my first time trying their Litson Bangus, liempo and the spicy Dokito fried chicken and they are all good. You'd eat every dish, walang tapon.

Being one of the pioneers in the food industry, I got curious about Andok's beginning. I found out that Andok's began in December of 1985, long before I was even born. Mr. Leonardo "Sandy" Javier Jr. built a "Litson Manok" stall as means of survival for him and his wife Cora. Little did they know, they created a brand that positively left an impact on the lives of millions of Filipinos. From a small "Litson Manok" stall with a complete lack of traditional resources such as money and connections, he had the big dreams and the heart to do whatever it takes to succeed. The very essence of Andok's is built on passion, loving what you do perseverance, and common sense. Just wow!

With those values, no wonder Andok's is a big success. And kuhang kuha din nila ang #ChibokNgPusoNiMama that's why this month of May, they aim to celebrate us, moms, by giving us what makes our heart jump with joy- consistent quality time with the whole family, and a well-deserved break from everything, even from cooking.

So, to the mommies reading this don't feel guilty if you can't cook this Mother's Day. Take a break because you deserve it, the time you spend on cooking can be used for your "me time" or more quality time with the whole family, and of course with a yummy Andok's feast on the table to be shared by the whole fam.

To the mom reading this, Happy Mother's Day! Stay awesome! 

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