Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Freshly Brewed Coffee at home with Silcafe Coffee Blends

I'm a self-confessed coffeeholic and I never thought coffee would become a huge part of my day like it is now.

I'll have a cup of hot coffee 30 minutes upon waking up (it used to be immediately upon waking up), in the afternoon, in the evening, and even past midnight especially when I'm working.

I remember having my first cup of coffee when I was still a student nurse. It was just a 3 in 1 coffee mix but it's what keeps me up all night during my graveyard shifts. So even after not pursuing my nursing career, whenever I smell coffee, I would associate it with my memories in the hospital, which are just some of my best memories.

And, I don't know if it comes with age, or it's just simply the love for coffee, but my taste for coffee has greatly evolved. From 3 in 1 coffee mixes, instant coffee, and now I brew my coffee at home.

So, I am really happy when I received Silcafe Coffee Blends as a gift last Mother's Day. It's my current go-to coffee. It's really good and proudly local.

Silcafe is made by Silca Coffee Roasting Company, making freshly roasted coffee in Silang, Cavite - hence the name. Silca Coffee Co. is a family-owned and operated business from the Asuncion family that's been in coffee since the 1970s.

Proudly local and home gown but their coffee is packed in world-class packaging, complete with a one-way valve for added freshness so air can go out but not in.

They have 7 Coffee Blends:

1. House Blend Ground Coffee: (BESTSELLER) Lovely blend of Arabica and Robusta | medium strength
2. Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee: (BESTSELLER) Strong blend of Arabica and Robusta
3. Farmer's Brew Ground Coffee: Our Barako Blend
4. Blend No. 3 Ground Coffee: Our special blend of Arabica, Barako, and Robusta
5. Mountain Fresh Ground Coffee: curated mix of Arabica and Barako - perfect for iced coffee or cold brew
6. Silca Reserve Ground Coffee: 100% Arabica | Dark Roast (Available in beans and grounds) - perfect for iced coffee or cold brew
7. Italian Roast Ground Coffee: 100% Arabica | Extra Dark Roast - perfect for iced coffee or cold brew

For first-timers, usually, the first instinct would always to go for the bestsellers but I opened the first pack that I got my hands on at that time and it was the Silcafe Blend No.3. I tried the Silcafe Farmer's Brew next. The strength level is strong, I tried drinking it as is and with creamer and it's just perfect! 

I used to always drink my coffee with creamer, less to no sugar at all but I am really enjoying my Silcafe coffee blends as is, hot and freshly brewed. I am excited to try the rest of the blends!

Silcafe's starting price is just at P195 for 30 cups of coffee and available in 7 blends in 250-gram packaging, and 5 blends in 500-gram packaging.

Silcafe’s brand mission is to provide high-quality, affordable coffee to all Filipinos. Silcafe does this by being accessible at all major supermarkets and online, with fast nationwide shipping.

So to all coffee lovers out there, I highly suggest you try Silcafe Coffee Blends. You can shop safely and comfortably at home - through Lazada and Shopee!

And this National Heritage month, here are the exciting discounts and freebies in their Silca Coffee Co LazMall:

  • Enjoy fast free shipping nationwide for orders worth PHP499 and up
  • 5% OFF on all Barako Blends on May 10 - 31
  • Up to 5% OFF + vouchers on all items on May 14 - 21
  • Buy 2 Get a free Mountain Fresh on May 22 - 28
  • Buy 1 Take 1 Promos - May 21 - 22, 28 - 29, 31

Check out Silca Coffee Co Shopee Mall too for their BIG PAYDAY SALE on May 15!

Check out their online stores now:

Or just search for "Silcafe" or "Silca Coffee" on Lazada and Shopee. Make sure to follow their stores to get updates and the latest offers!

Giveaway time! Win this Silcafe Giftpack! 

Check out this IGTV for the mechanics. 

Cheers and Goodluck :)

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  1. This is Very yummy and Amazing coffee.. Want to try this mamsh since coffee lover kami nang family ko. Kahit summer kape is life 😍