Friday, May 7, 2021

5 Fun activities that kids can do at home

Mommies tend to be the most tired member of the family especially during school days. We mainly handle getting our kids ready for school, meals, laundry, and even trying to make a living. No wonder an article from Forbes mentioned how our Kids might be the main reason why we are so tired.

It’s almost summertime again which means more time for us mommies to do other tasks instead of preparing our kids for school.  Finally! More sleep for us or maybe not since the kids will be pretty much active the entire day. Here are a few activities that you can let your kids enjoy while you have yourselves some me-time:


1 Netflix and Chill: Time to make full use of that subscription and let your kids watch on that extra kid’s account to keep them busy while you do your own thing.

2 Board Games: My kids personally love playing chess and are always excited when they are introduced to new board games.

3 Teach them how to cook:  This is something you can do together. Not only that it's a fun activity but it will also teach them at an early age on how to be independent.

4 Online Art Class: Drawing, Dancing, Singing or any form of art would be a great way for the kids to not just enjoy their summer but also learn new skills and develop their talents.

5 Educational online games: There are free educational games available at that can keep your kids occupied.  If they’ll end up playing online games, might as well be the educational types right?

A personal favorite of mine that I would like my kids to try is the Speed Type Game. They’ve been using the computer for online classes since the pandemic and are still struggling from time to time on using the keyboard to type in words. This could help them familiarize themselves with the layout and get the hang of typing.

Check out how I did here:

Do you have any other ideas for kids for the upcoming summer vacation? Leave a comment!

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