Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Short Term Tips For Long Term Health Gains That Are Easy To Follow

For the modern person stressed with work, family responsibilities as well as the other countless amount of duties to take care of, the words ‘health disciplines’ sound like they come from an alien dimension. How can you find the time? Surely not everyone has the discipline to keep up with a healthy diet, correct exercise as well as maintaining their beauty standards.

Surely a modicum of unhealthy activity is generally necessary in our trying times of 40 hour work weeks, raising children and trying to squeeze some recreation time out at the end of the week? 

I'd say, you’re looking at it in entirely the wrong way.

Healthy habits can actually fuel a busy schedule more efficiently. What do I mean by that? Well, taking the time to eat healthily, exercise well, maintain your appearance and nurture your youthful vitality will give you an energy that you’ll then inject into all avenues of your life.

Maybe your 10-hour daily shift at work won’t seem so tiring. Maybe you’ll sleep better. Or maybe you’ll just have the confidence in your skin to approach that romantic opportunity at work you’ve been vying for during the last year. To develop self-respect and love, maintaining yourself is the best way forward.

This isn’t to say that people need to fit within a standard beauty judgment so they’re worthy of their own self-respect. It’s about taking the responsibility to enjoy yourself and be the best you. Most people would say being the best you is one of the most reliable ways to enjoy your time here on this wonderful Earth.

Without further ado, here are the best health and beauty tips that can help you feel younger for longer.

Great Dentistry

A great smile makes you shine. It won’t make you shine if your teeth are in a state of disrepair though. Cigarette and coffee stains can leave them looking yellow, and worsen your gum health. Taking a moment to occasional maintain your mouth health will yield hugely positive results long term, and lessen your need for dentures as you age. 

Using a professional service that gets to knows you like Artarmon Dentists found here www.artarmondentists.com, allows you to ensure that you’re getting the best care for your teeth possible.


Skincare is a big deal. Not only will it reduce the age of your skin, but prevent wrinkles and rashes from occurring. It can also prevent nasty sunburn from occurring if you’re outside all day. Take care to moisturize in the evening and apply sunscreen to keep yourself protected.


Eat healthily and you’ll feel younger, more energetic and fuller for longer. Consider switching from simple carbs to complex carbs, and find more about doing so here http://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/simple-carbohydrates-complex-carbohydrates. Eat plenty of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, and reduce sugar intake. Instead of coffee, why not drink green tea? Any change you make here will have huge benefits long term, and healthy food tastes great. Couple this with healthy exercise for the best results.

Confronting Risk

The best way to connect with yourself and feel strong as an individual is to not let risk control you. Being fearful of experiencing new situations will stagnate you. Go to events and meet people you wouldn’t usually, and your attitude and perspective will increase in quality.


Wear threads that suit and fit you. Find what color pallette best suits your look to help emphasize your strengths. Coupling this with a great haircut that complements the shape of your face will serve to make you an attractive force to be reckoned with.

Mental Health

Look after your mind. Read books, meditate, express yourself creatively and get in nature to reduce the stress from a busy city lifestyle. You’ll feel rejuvenated for the attempt.

Always remember to be yourself! After taking care of all of those tips listed above, you’re sure to develop into your best, most attractive self, and be healthier for the attempt.

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