Friday, May 26, 2017

Convert Your Cluttered Attic Into A Stunning Bedroom

Have you always dreamed of turning your attic into a bedroom? -If so, why wait any longer? - It can seem like a big job, but once it's done there are so many benefits. Let alone it just being really cool!

So here's how.

Clean it out

First, you're going to need to clear everything out of the attic. If it’s already relatively empty - you can be proud of yourself. 

Attics tend to be the place people dump all their rubbish if they don't know what else to do with it but refuse to throw it away. If this is you, then you're going to have a lot to clean out. Just be careful when moving and lifting heavy things because you don't want to end up causing yourself an injury, or damaging the attic itself.

Treat the wood

Once it's empty, you will need to take a good look at the wood. This means the floor, the walls and any beams that there may be. After some time, insects are able to get into the wood, feed on it, and then mass reproduce. This is an absolute nightmare and can be very dangerous because the wood gets weaker and weaker, meaning the support is no longer there. If this is the case, then you will need termite treatment.

If you're lucky enough not to have an infestation, it is still wise to get your wood treated, so it prevents any of this from happening in the future, as well as rotting.

Add structure

Now you have a safe environment; you can start thinking about what you want to fill it with. Do you want to section an area off with a little wall? - Remember it's an attic, and it might look perfect how it is, but you may find certain areas that could be improved to give it more of a bedroom vibe.

If you do have a specific idea, speak to your builder and see if he thinks it's a good one, and if so - how much will it cost you?

You might also need to get a new floor put in over what's already there. Do you want to stick with wood, or do you want to warm it up a bit with some carpet?

Think of a theme

If you haven't already got a vision in mind of how you want it to look when it's finished, you should start thinking of one now. Do you want a colorful, well lit, open planned room? Or do you prefer to leave a bit more mystery behind?

Think about what furniture you want in there. What kind of bed do you want? Where will you be putting all your clothes? etc.

Once you have a proper idea in mind, it will be a lot easier purchasing items.


Lighting is so important to a room because it's what sets the atmosphere. Some attics may even have overhead windows, and if that's the case, you don't need to worry about choosing a light source in the day time, because you'll already have the natural light. If you don't have this, however, it will be extremely dark, even pitch black, so you'll need a very good light source, - if not more than one - so you can sit up there in the day without having to worry.

Then you can think about what you'd like in the evening, as this would be a different light to set a nice ambiance. -Lamps are great for doing this, and you can have quite a few spotted around the room.

Paint it

What color scheme are you going for? Like the lighting, your wall colors will also have a big effect on your room, so really give it some thought before picking any old thing.

If your room will only be lit by artificial lighting, then the paint may look a lot different on your wall that it does in the shop, so it's a good idea to take some testers and try them out with the lighting you have. That way you have a realistic impression of what you're going to be getting.

Add the finishing touches

Now all the important stuff is out the way; you can enjoy shopping for all those little extra touches that make the room yours by adding your personality to it. So get looking at things like a bedside table and some pretty fairy lights. And don't forget a fluffy rug! Every attic-bedroom needs a fluffy rug!

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