Tuesday, May 2, 2017

City Versus Country Living: Which Is Best For Kids?

Parents worry a lot about their kids. One of the things that most concern them is where their children should be raised. Should they be raised in the countryside or in the city? It’s a tough question because both living inside and outside of town have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here we’re going to make a case for both. Then it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your kids.

Reasons To Live In The City

Reason #1: Country Living Isn’t Idyllic

Many people think that life in the countryside is easy. They have a picture in their minds of a little house on the prairie with nothing but tranquil fields for miles around. But the reality is that living in the countryside is nothing but idyllic. In fact, it’s a lot of hard work, especially if you want to make money from the land. For families with hectic schedules, this is bad news. You can’t just pop out to the local village store and get supplies as and when you need them. Instead, you’ve either got to make them yourself or wait until the shops are open (which isn’t for long in the countryside).

Then there’s the fact that the country living is different to life in the city. In the city, you’re anonymous and can go about your business uninterrupted. In the country, however, you’ll be thrust into the community whether you like it or not and everybody will have an opinion on you. Do you really want to have to deal with village politics?

Reason #2: Everything Is At Your Fingertips

One of the things that real estate agents emphasize at a new property launch in the city is the fact that the new homes are in striking distance of practically every facility imaginable. No, they might not be surrounded by acres of countryside, but at least you’re able to grab a meal or hit the theater whenever you want. What’s more, there are services in cities that you simply can’t get elsewhere. For instance, you can get a man on a bike to deliver you any takeout food you want in just a few minutes.

Reason #3: There’s Always A Community For You

Sometimes kids can find it hard to settle into a new community. When there are a limited number of people around, it’s unlikely that they’ll find anybody like them. But in cities, it’s different. There’s a community for practically everybody meaning that nobody really ever has to be left out. If you’re a goth, there are people out there for you. If you’re trendy, then there’s also a group of people for you. Even children who love the arts will find a community in the big city.

Reason #4: Lower Transport Costs

Finally, transport costs are actually a lot lower if you live in the city. The only time you really have to use your car is if you want to travel out of town to visit relatives. The rest of the time you can just walk or hop on the subway. The average person spends around a quarter of their paycheck on their car, so anything that replaces traveling by car is beneficial to your wallet and leaves you with more money to spend on your kids.

Reasons To Live In The Country

Reason #1: If People Are Nice To You, It’s Normal

If somebody strikes up a conversation with you in a big city, there’s a good chance that they’re either crazy or have some ulterior motive. But if people are friendly in the countryside, then it's perfectly normal. Children get to grow up in an environment that is community-focused where everybody can rely on everybody else to some degree. What’s more, country living is a lot more laid back and less focused on social status. In the city, you’re always being judged by your wealth and income. But in the country, kids aren’t exposed to this type of toxic atmosphere.

Reason #2: You’re Not Reliant On The Trains Running On Time

Another problem with city life is your reliance on public transport working as advertised. Although public transportation might work during the week, the weekends can be a nightmare since this is when the most maintenance work is done. What’s more, dragging kids across town on the subways can be stressful, especially when it’s crowded and hot. In the countryside, things are very different. So long as your car is in good working order, you can go pretty much wherever you want. What’s more, country roads are often deserted, meaning that there’s no need to wait in traffic jams just to get the kids to school.

Reason #3: You’ve Got All The Space In The World

Today’s modern cities are cramped. Despite the fact that average square footage of homes has gone up, city centers are actually becoming denser. There are more people per square mile in many towns than ever before. Just getting to the park for a bit of breathing space means crossing busy roads which could be dangerous for children.

In the country, you and your kids have got space meaning that they can take exercise and go adventuring without risking their lives in the process. Things like having a kickabout or a backyard sports day can be spontaneous rather than requiring extreme planning and a health and safety certificate.

Reason #4: The Air Is Better

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that city living takes a serious toll on the health of children. Many more children than ever before are suffering from asthmatic conditions and allergies, and scientists think it might have something to do with city living. There’s no denying that cities have unsafe levels of particulates in the atmosphere which can damage young lungs and lead to serious illnesses in the future. And there's evidence that fumes from diesel engines could be related to lung conditions. 

The countryside has its fair share of bad smells but, importantly, none of them are dangerous. Children grow up in a healthier environment.

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