Friday, May 5, 2017

Five Easy Ways To Organize Your Bathroom In Style

I think that our bathrooms are one of the rooms in the home that often gets a little neglected when it comes to organizing. How often have we been through our bathroom cabinets and thrown away the things that we no longer need or that have been used up? So if like me, it may have been a while, here are a few tips and tricks to help you to organize your bathroom. It is a room that we use every day, so it makes sense that we have it organized. Then we’ll know where everything is and if we need to get anything more. 

Medicine Cabinet

If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, then starting there can be a good idea. A lot of medicines that we no longer need could have been left in there. So if that is the case, we need to clear them out and get rid of them safely. We should also check the expiration dates on the things that we have in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Medicines do expire, and we don’t want to accidentally take some of them as we haven’t checked their expiry date. 

Creative Towel Storage

If you have lots of towels but no drying rack, or an airing cupboard, then you might need to get creative with how you store your towels. You could get a wire wine rack and mount it to the wall and then roll up towels to fit in each of the slots. You could also get some towel hooks. They are pretty inexpensive and mean an easy way of displaying towels and helps them to dry too.

Sink Storage

If you have a freestanding sink, then you’re missing out on a lot of storage space. So it might be worth getting a vanity unit with a sink if you’re looking for new bathroom suites. Then you get a lot of storage underneath the sink. Drawers and cupboards can be filled with all sorts of things, and it means no clutter on your windowsill or by the sink. Less clutter means less to clean. And in a bathroom, that can only be a good thing.

Drawer Dividers

Even if you already have drawers and under the sink storage, you might want to make better use of the space that you have. Using some dividers in the drawers is a good way to sort things out. You could make your own, or even just grab some at a store like IKEA. Then you can sort all of the smaller bits that will be in your bathroom, like hair clips, bobby pins, or cotton buds. They are cheap to get or make and can make the organization of your bathroom so much better.

Sort Bottles

If you find that you have bottle upon bottle of lotion or shampoo on your shower caddy, then it is a good idea to throw away any that are basically empty. It is also a good idea to store away the bottles that are the most full. Then you can use up the nearly empty ones first.

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