Sunday, May 14, 2017

Economy and Quality with Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

I woke up this Mother's Day morning to a wonderful surprise from my two boys. Can you guess what was it?

They were washing the dishes using Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid! Yes, you read it right. What a pleasant way to wake up to, right? I wish it could always be like this. Haha!

We've used Bubble Man dishwashing liquid before, and I only got good words to describe it. You can read my full and honest review here, Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid. That's why I'm happy that they remembered me and sent me 3 big bottles this Mother's Day. (Thank you!)

Let me share with you again why I love Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, and this time in just two words- Economy and Quality. 

  • non-toxic; it is made with biodegradable ingredients
  • safe and gentle
  • mild scent
  • easy to rinse
  • easy on hands but hard on grease
  • 270ml bottle is at Php32.50 only 
  • 880ml bottle is at for 65Php only 
  • Promo pack: buy two bottles of 880ml  for only Php120 and two bottles of 270ml for Php55 only.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is really worth every peso spent. Not only is it safe for my family but it's also good for our environment. No wonder even my 2 boys liked it!

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company. It's available in 3 variants; Kalamansi, Lemon and Antibac. It's also available in various supermarkets nationwide. So make sure to check it out!

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