Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sprucing Up The Exterior Of Your Home, A Simple Guide To Simply Looking Great

We spend hours developing our inner space in a way that best reflects our personalities and family taste, but do we pay as much attention to the way our building looks from the outside? Many people don’t want to tamper with the exterior character of the property they’ve purchased, but if you do that, are you really putting your mark on the property?

Is there any state of disrepair that you could improve through a simple fix or new coat of paint? This guide will help those who are struggling for ideas find some inspiration to improve the first impression anyone entering their property will have.
A new coat of paint.

The first quick fix to address a shoddy looking exterior is a thick coat of new paint. If the brickwork isn’t damaged, this can be an amazing fix, and depending on the color you choose, you might be surprised how much the character of your property changes. Light, summery colors are attractive and give a welcoming aura to your exterior. However, you must keep in mind that if you’re the only brightly coloured house your property will stand out to any bystander. This might be your intention, but just remember, sometimes you don’t want your house to be broadcast to the entire street. Use your discretion and sense of taste here, as it is your property after all. You never know, you might inspire those on your street to do the same!

A wall mural.

If a new coat of paint isn’t enough, consider hiring an artist or purchasing large stencil templates to give your home a spruced up and attractive mural. This is a fantastic way to show off your personality and really make your property stand out. This can be achieved through standard paints or spray paints and stencils. Just be sure you’re happy with the design before you apply it. If you end up regretting it, it won’t be a tragedy, you can just paint over it. If you’re looking for something more uniform and discreet, why not try external timber-look cladding.

Garden fencing.

This can be a nice way to separate your garden area from the street, improving the aesthetic and security in one go. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a line of fencing, you may be able to afford a line of small trees, which you can plant yourself. Just be certain how tall these trees are going to grow, and that the roots aren’t going to somehow interrupt the structural integrity of your home’s foundations.

A decking area.

This is most likely going to feature in your back garden, but it can also be acceptable for the front. Having a decking area allows a stable and easily maintained area to store your garden furniture, increasing the aesthetic of your garden and transforming your motivation to host BBQ’s in the summer. These can come quite expensive, but if you check online or at your local hardware store there might be a great seasonal offer you can claim. 

Keep these options to heart, apply one or all of them, and you’ll feel the proudest you ever have whilst walking into your property.

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