Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Websites That Promise To Teach You Something New

The internet can be a fun place full of cute animals, toddlers taking their first steps and then falling over, or people walking into poles. It is easy for people to get sucked into the many things the internet has to offer, between online shopping and social media there is often not much time left for self growth. When it comes to the internet's educational value, people can often procrastinate with all the fun things it has to offer. Have a look at some of these engaging websites that promise to teach you something new while providing hours of entertainment at the same time.


With thousands of educational videos on pretty much every topic you could imagine, Ted is a great place to go to engage in and learn in topics. Presentations about a variety of topics are given by professionals in that field and then shared through the website. It is a must if you are interested in humanitarian and societal issues in today’s society.


They say humans only learn through doing. This website promises to help you learn how to write in a new language. When you write in a new language that you are learning any native speakers that are online will correct any errors you make, ensuring you learn through experience and pick up that language quicker than it took you to learn to write in English. 

Driving Courses

In 2005, an average of 58,423 drivers were involved in fatal motor vehicle traffic accidents. There are a lot of horrible drivers on the road, and with more people gaining licenses daily that number is sure to rise. It is never too late to brush up on your driving skills, with a defensive driving traffic school online


For any travellers out there, this website is for you. This website has variety of screenshots from Google StreetView and puts them to you to guess the geographical location by clicking on its location on a map. It is quite tricky as it will show you pictures of houses in residential streets as well as famous landmarks. It will help you identify key architectural features in different countries, and make you feel as though you have travelled the world. Although this website is a sure way to waste many hours, by using it you are only adding to your geographical knowledge of the world.

Letters of Note

This site is absolutely beautiful, and for any history buffs out there this is the place to go to read first hand stories. Letters of Note publishes letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos from the past to create a previously untold story. You can weave these pages for hours and gather an insight into what life was, why it was like that and see a clear picture on how times have changed over the years. If you have any old letters laying around, they even take submissions and allow you to tell your own untold story.

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