Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Burst Pipes? Try Not To Leak Cash!

Splish splash splosh… have you noticed signs of a plumbing problem in your home?

Lots of homeowners panic at the first sign of trouble with their property’s plumbing. They think that issues with pipes and appliances are going to cost them some serious dollar! However, it doesn’t have to be like that. In actual fact, there are plenty of ways you can keep the cost of all your plumbing work down to a minimum. Here are some great tricks that can help you tighten your purse strings and save on your watery woes!

Shop Around For The Best Price

More often than not, it will be far cheaper for you to fix your plumbing problems with some good old DIY. And this will require you to buy some tools and materials. First of all, to ensure your bill at Home Depot isn’t sky high, you should shop around for the best price. Ideally, you should do this in person and online. You often find a lot of great discount prices by buying online, but if you go to a store, you will find lots of offers, such as buy one get one free. You’ll need to do your homework and work out which shop works out cheapest for your needs!

It Can Work Out Cheaper To Hire Workers

If you find that you have a big plumbing job that needs dealing with, you might be better off not touching it, and simply getting some plumbers to do the job for you. That’s because a lot can go wrong if you try and tackle a big job yourself. And if you cause some damage, you will only have to hire some professionals anyway to fix your mistakes. This can work out a lot more expensive than calling them out in the first place!

Use Homemade Products

There are lots of products out in various DIY and home stores that are aimed at fixing bathroom problems. These include things like bleach for unclogging blocked drains. Unfortunately, most of these products work out very expensive and can actually be bad for the environment. It’s much better to go down the green route and use homemade products. Next time your drains get blocked, simply mix together some vinegar and baking soda and pour it down. This is a great lubricant and can quickly dislodge any blockage.

Budget Leak Fixes

You may think that leaking pipes will need to be completely replaced. But this isn’t normally the case. As long as you have modern plastic pipes, you will simply be able to tighten the fittings. This can get rid of all the drips and dribbles in no time at all! Plastic pipe parts are also quite cheap in DIY stores these days, so you can quickly replace just one section if the need be. Whatever the cause of the leak, replacing the whole piping system usually isn’t necessary!

You don’t have to spend a fortune when something goes wrong in your bathroom - just follow these budget tips!

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