Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Home Decor: Eco-Friendly, Yet Ego-Pleasing

While we spend so much time working on getting our dream home styled to our standards, is it actually an eco-friendly home? For many people, there is no such thing as being stylish when you are trying to save the planet. It involves going to thrift stores or buying clothes that don’t lend well to your body shape. Your home needs to look great. After all, you will spend the most time in there than anyone else. But is there a way to make your living space kinder to the environment? Have a look at these few options and see what catches your fancy.

Solar Panels

While they are not always the most stylish of items, they are an essential part of transforming your home from an energy sapper to an energy user! For the uninitiated, solar power is a way to use the energy from the sun to power your electrical supplies. There are plenty of solar panel suppliers, like www.countrysolarnt.com.au, that can set up panels on your roof. But as a way to cut back on unnecessary expenses, you should begin to use solar panels on your roof. Solar panels can be placed to add a certain futuristic image to your home, and while not everyone can get on board with how they look, they are going to be a big part of the future.

Moss Carpet

Do you hate when the bathroom rug absorbs so much damp that you need to throw it out after a couple of months? Well, why don’t you use a carpet that can use that damp to thrive? The Moss Carpet, which was created by Nguyen La Chanh, looks like a lush piece of grass at your feet. The carpet is made from a foam called plastazote and includes island moss, forest moss, and ball moss. Due to the humidity of the bathroom area, the moss is guaranteed to thrive. And while it may take a little getting used to, the pleasant greenery in the bathroom has plenty of benefits. The sight of calming green will help you to relax in the morning before a long day at work, and they say walking on grass is great for your blood circulation, so give this a go.

A Bedol Water-Powered Clock

A stylish addition to the bedroom, the clock actually runs on salt water! The difference between this type of clock when you compare it to the other eco-clocks on the market is that this one actually looks good! The way it works is that the water corrodes the electrodes of the clock which releases electrons to power the LCD. While the clock doesn’t do anything more than tell the time, it is able to go for weeks without getting a refill. You can get them in many different colors too.

The “Float” Lamp

The Float is a great lighting solution, made from cork block which was obtained from a wine cork manufacturer. It looks very elegant and brightens up the room as well as giving you a bit more of an eco-friendly ego boost!

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