Friday, July 29, 2016

Say It with Confidence, Say It with Swish!

A few days ago, I came across a video by Swish on Facebook. It looks like a guy about to propose, scenes like this excites me so I watched until the end and surprisingly the video has a twist at the ending. No, I wont spill the beans and I'll let you watch it for yourself. 

Here it is:

You can view the video on their Facebook Page:

Isn't it funny? All along I thought it's about to get romantic, haha! Even though the video didn't turn out to be the way most people expect it to be, but the video sure taught us lesson. A lesson on how to always stay confident and prepared by highlighting the importance of having fresh breath even in an instant which is now possible with just 1 #superpump of Swish Breath Spray! Lucky me I received some for me to try, thanks Unilab!

Well, we all know that brushing our teeth is part of our everyday hygiene it gives us fresh breath. But as much as we want to maintain a long lasting fresh breath, unfortunately we can't. The moment we eat, the smell of these foods invade our mouth so when we speak we might be breathing out the smell of garlic, onion or whichever food we ate. Yikes!

I've been in this kind of situation several times already because blogging and my job requires me to attend events, meet and socialize with different people. However, after eating and with few sips of drinks I tend to lose my confidence and avoid conversations making me lose a lot of opportunities. Only because I'm conscious with what my breath would smell like. How I wish I can brush my teeth or gargle with mouth wash but there's just no time! This is also the same thing when I attend PTA meeting at my kids' school. Sometimes I bring candies with me but it's not enough it doesn't kill the bacteria that causes foul breath and it makes me prone to tooth decay too. That's why I'm so glad when I found out about this Swish Breath Spray, indeed it's a life saver!

Here are the thing I love about the Swish Breath Spray: 
  • It provides instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds. Perfect when you're on the go.
  • It comes in convenient 10ml bottles, very handy.
  • It kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor.
  • It comes in 2 flavors to choose from: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh.
  • It's sugar-free- fends off cavities, no more tooth decay. 
  • It's alcohol free- no sting.
  • It's affordable. Piso (Php 1) per spray (at P105 and lasts up to 100 sprays) 
  • It's available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other selected drugstores and/or supermarkets nationwide.
  • It's made by Unilab – a trusted name!

So from now on, this Swish Breath Spray is a definite must have item in my bag. I'm never leaving the house without it! If you have similar experience like mine, it's time to save yourself from any further embarrassment. You don't have to be held captive by foul smelling breath because instant fresh breath can be achieved. Get your confidence back in 3 easy steps, 1. grab your Swish Breath Spray, 2. #superpump and 3. #SayItWithSwish!

For more updates and information about the campaign visit Swish on Facebook:  
or visit their website: www.

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