Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What’s it like Working with Mom?

She carried me in her womb for 9 months. Brought me into this world, cared and nurtured me during my early years. She's my teacher, my first best friend, my number one fan and my personal nurse; these are just among the many roles she does as my mother. 

I was the youngest among four siblings, thus I was very close with my mom. I was inseparable from her. However as I grew up, the special bond and attachment I had with my mom changed little by little. Growing up, I would seek for independence and freedom and this would cause conflict between us. I have committed a lot of mistakes, even terrible ones but I never got judged by my mom with my poor judgement. But yes my mom would scold me. She could go on and on talking about what I did which is kind of irritating (if you know what I mean lol) but then again she only hopes to instil lessons on me and help me make better judgements in the future. 

Mothers are amazing right? And now that I’m already a mom, I understand and appreciate my mom even more. All the constant nagging and the persistence was all for me, because indeed mothers only want what’s best for their children. 

Every mother does their best to make this world a better place to live in for all their children, but would it be the same if we are working with mom in the same workplace?

I know this isn’t a common situation as most companies don’t allow mother-child, girlfriend-boyfriend or any relationships in the workplace just like in the previous company I worked for. But I am entertained when I learned that there are still companies who allow this. And it just suddenly crossed my mind, what’s it like working with mom?

Well, I really couldn’t tell since I haven’t experienced it personally but I have been thinking about this because in my previous work, I have colleagues who are mothers too and I’ve seen how motherly they are to everyone. Also relating it to how my mom is, I can already imagine how it’s going to be like. So I came up with this list.

1. You got a piece of “home” at work- Admit it or not but not everyone really like their job/work, sometimes it’s just the people in the workplace that makes them enjoy going to work. Now imagine having your mom in the office, it’s like having a piece of home and comfort in the workplace.

2. You have a cheerleader- You know when situation at the workplace gets challenging and you feel like giving up? Well, working with mom is a totally different thing. She’ll be there cheering for you. Go go go! Y-O-U-C-A-N-D-O-I-T-! 

3. Free lunch, everyday!- Remember when you spent almost your entire salary because you reached your credit cards limit? Or running out of budget perhaps? Worry no more, because working with mom means free lunch and yes it can be every single day!

4. Free ride to and from work- Got no wheels? No cash for public transport? Here comes mom to the rescue!

5. Save more - So you get free lunch and free rides. You won’t be spending as much as you use to.

6. Stronger bond with mom- Regardless of living with your mom in the same house or not, working with mom in the same workplace will surely strengthen your bond not just as mother and grown child but as friends too!

Working with mom could both be a blessing and sometimes a challenge especially when personal issues get their way into the workplace. But every problem has a solution. Everything will eventually be alright. And with all the positive side of working with mom in the same workplace, I’m sure the negative side will be outweighed. 

How’d you like the idea of working with your mom? Are you ready to enjoy all its perks and surpass its challenges? 

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