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Mom Gone Blonde: Going Straight Salon x Nouvelle

On my previous post, I talked about how Barbie empowers little ladies to follow their dreams whatever they may be, and for the adults to encourage them on their journey. Inspired by Barbie's You Can Be Anything Campaign, I have finally listened to the inner voice and my long time dream of reinventing my looks and becoming blonde. Lol!

This is the my hairs' transition through the years.
Let me share with you a short history about my hair. Back in the days, I have wavy black hair. Then during College, I grew tired of my frizzy wavy hair thus I had it rebonded but I kept the color. It never crossed my mind back then to have my hair color altered. Came 2014 when I had a change of heart, I decided to be a cool mom lol. So when I went to have my hair rebonded I also decided to have it colored as well. I really liked the ash blonde hair color but the stylist informed me that we wont be able to achieve it since my hair was black. I agreed and was actually kind of  relieved since I think I wasn't brave enough to make a drastic change that moment. More than a year after, around October 2015 I again had my hair rebonded and colored. Still opted for ash blonde even though I know it wont turn out that way. 5 months after I had a Brazilian blowout and hair color retouch again with ash blonde, I really have a thing with ash blonde lol. 

#TheManeEvent was held for 2 days. I together with Lhyzie was part of the 1st day, where I also got meet Melissa Ungco of (first photo) who is also from Las Pinas. 
Then last month, I got an  invite to The Mane Event, thank you Sir Jhong Medina! #TheManeEvent was a hair color service and professional hair care treatment event for Bloggers in collaboration between Going Straight Salon and Nouvelle. It was very timely because I was also thinking about having my hair colored again. Prior to the event, I spent days thinking about what hair color to get. I can't decide!

And then, #TheManeEvent happened, it was held at Going Straight Salon in SM North Edsa. But before we started with our hair makeover, we were first briefed about the event.

So let's go ahead and get to know more about Going Straight Salon and Nouvelle. 

Going Straight Salon is founded in 1988 and is one of the pioneers in hair straightening. They offer the ultimate experiencein beauty care. Their paramount concern is to be known in the industry in terms of service dependability and a leader in innovation techniques for more affordable services. Going Straight aims to keep up with their standards being the pioneer in the industry they also constantly send their stylists to training and for this event, they gathered their top stylist from different branches to style us.
Nouvelle is one brand that is being used by Going Straight Salon. Leading player in professional colouring and with thirty years of experience plus the constant search for innovation, Nouvelle is synonymous with style and trend on top of being a guarantee of hair care and attention. Always searching for different, modern, creative looks, Nouvelle is the trendsetter that has created a new young and contemporary generation of colour and style boasting more than 15 product lines.

For The Mane Event, they introduced and used their latest products on us; Lively and Eslabondexx. 

Lively is the new generation professional line for coloring and protecting hair. Its special formula, without ammonia and parabens, does not damage hair and does not irritate the scalp, providing a delicate coloration, suitable for sensitive skin.

The color is intense, natural, bright, and provides a perfect coverage of white hair. Lively is not only coloration but also a veritable nourishing treatment that takes care of the hair structure, thanks to the use of active ingredients of natural origin, such as sweet almond oil and lotus flower, known for their soothing, softening, moisturizing and invigorating properties.

Eslabondexx is used in combination with Lively or any chemical hair treatment, prevents damage before it can even start, preserving and protecting the hair structure whilst the chemical treatment is acting: in fact, Eslabondexx strengthens the hair structure delivering elasticity, strength, enhanced condition, and preventing it from breaking.

Competent stylist and new generation professional line of hair care treatment, what more can I ask for than to get #TheManeEvent started! Ooops I almost forgot, they also showed us models with hairstyle pegs then they let us choose who among the stylist we prefer to style our hair. I chose Ej as I like what she did on her model, blonde with pink highlights, it was similar to what I have in mind. 

Here comes #TheManeEvent

Here's what my hair looks like BEFORE the hair makeover 

When my stylist asked me what I like, I hesitated at first but finally gave in to what I wanted ever since I started having my hair colored. I said I wanted an ombre type, Ash blonde on the upper part and pink at the bottom. I was aware that in order to  achieve that color, they have to bleach my hair. A lot of people told me that it will make my hair dry and damage it, that's why I hesitated but I still took the risk and rest my trust with Going Straight and Nouvelle. *fingers crossed*

We carried on with the bleaching, not just once but twice. I guess my hair was yellowish after the first bleaching that's why they have to do it again. I like blonde but not yellowish blonde, I like it to be lighter. Again, I was scared that my hair will be damaged, imagine bleaching it two times in just a matter of hours? However they assured me that it wont damage my hair because of the Eslabondexx. Without it, on the second bleaching my hair would have broke already but it didn't, so yey! 

I really didn't expect that the process would take a while, we started around 12 noon and it was around 2PM or 3PM I guess when we finished with the bleaching and then we started with the coloration. I kept reminding my stylist, Ash blonde but I was surprised when the color he was applying on my hair was dark! I asked him if it's ash blonde and he said yes. So I let him continue, afterwards, he applied the color pink on the bottom part of my hair. He then left it on my hair for few minutes, washed it and then he blow dried my hair. 

This is what my hair looked like after. I know it isn't Ash blonde. I though to myself, maybe all he heard was "Ash" so I asked him again and he said it will be washed off when I take a shower. I felt a bit dissapointed at first because this is not what I expected, but he assured me that it will be washed off anyway the ash gray color wasn't that bad after all. Then they also gave us Nouvelle Re-styling Serum and Going Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. I just found out though that the shampoo and conditioner is for black hair only and not really suitable for bleached hair. But I like the serum, it's a life save, I use it everyday.

I then went home, it just felt weird because people kept staring at my hair, haha! Upon reaching home, my kids were all like "Mommy, what happened to your hair? I would answer them back with a question, "Why, is it not nice? Don't you like it?" and they'll answer "It's nice, we like your hair mommy!" lol! When I asked Jaear what he thinks, he said it looks good however it just looked weird haha. 

True enough, after several washes the ash gray color got washed away. This is what my hair looked like exactly four days after the event. And, as they passes by I feel like it's getting lighter and lighter. Honestly, I like it because I wanted my hair to be blond anyway. However, the pink bottom part isn't as pink anymore, well I guess it wasn't pink in the first place. My son said it was purplish LOL! 

 And this is my recent photo. Regardless of the color, some people thought that bleaching my hair wasn't a good idea, they felt sorry for my hair. However, I knew about the possible damage bleaching will cause my hair but I willingly embraced it. I'm glad I did, rather than regret about not giving it a shot one day when I look back. Thanks again Nouvelle and Going Straight Salon for the privilege, it was just once a wishful thinking and now here it is! I wouldn't have done it without #TheManeEvent and if I didn't trust the product and the people behind it. I will visit one of your branch soon for my Green Tea Treatment which was included on our take home loot bag! 

So ladies, cool mommies and daddies if you want to have your hair colored make sure to check out Going Straight Salon, with their 28 years in service, competitive stylist and staffs you're in good hands. Also make sure to ask for Nouvelle's new products Lively and Eslabondexx for a good quality and free of harmful chemical professional line of products that won't go breaking your hair!

For more info about their products please feel free to visit the Nouvelle Brand's official website:
You can also visit Going Straight Salon's website:
Twitter: @goingstraightph

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  1. Been wanting to go blond para ma color ko din yung hair ko ng mga pastel colors, kaso super nipis niya na. Natatakot na ko magpa blond.