Monday, August 1, 2016

Kenwood Launched in the Philippines

I love to cook, but no I'm not an expert not even close. Good thing I have Google to save my butt in the kitchen. I mostly rely on Google for recipes and almost any questions I have related to cooking. Lol! But I've always dreamed of having a spacious kitchen complete with all the high quality kitchen appliances there is. I believe that having complete kitchen appliances will further motivate me to be the best cook I can be.
Who wouldn't be right? That's why I was eager to attend the launching of a famous and iconic British brand here in the Philippines. I was excited to see the range of products that they offer.

The event was held last July 21, 2016 at the Residence of the British Ambassador to the Philippines, Honorable Asif Ahmad in North Forbes Park. 

Kenwood has revolutionized home cooking and pioneered kitchen automation since 1947. It was founded by Kenneth Wood and  in 2,000 Kenwood joined De'Longhi Group which opened up a new era of expansion. Today, Kenwood is present in over 40 countries and produces over 200 different models. For over 60 years their most important mission is to delight customers and make their experience in the kitchen both easier and more rewarding. 

The event launched Kenwood's award-winning products which are driven by quality, innovation and design. Top Culinary Schools in Metro Manila; Enderun, CCA, ISCAHM and Southville Foreign University also participated by showcasing Filipino local food with a British twist that they prepared using Kenwood appliances. 

I personally liked the Kare-Kare Tortellini and the Filipino-British meat pie
with arroz ala cubana filling. 

 This British Flag themed cupcake pull parts are pretty, you don't wanna ruin it.

It was also thrilling to be able to witness the British Ambassador, Honorable Asif Ahmad do a live cooking demo, of course with the use of Kenwood appliance. 

For the event, Kenwood also collaborated with Mini Cooper to put on a show to everyone who attended. I can't believe what I witnessed in front my very eye, a Kenwood Mixer pulling/towing the Mini Copper with 4 people in it! Just wow! It only goes to show how sturdy Kenwood products are. 

Watch the video here:

It's no surprise that Kenwood won over 38-member jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 beating 4,928 entries from 56 countries. Throughout the world and across different industries, Red Dot is seen as the award for high design quality. The international Red Dot jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality only to those products that stand out clearly from comparable entries thanks to their excellent design.

With my blogger friends Lhyzie and Eihdra.
The night was filled with sumptuous food, unlimited drinks and ended with a raffle. I won a Demo and Tasting GC to Enderun Colleges and my blogger friend Eihdra won a Kenwood Food processor, so lucky! How I wish to have my own Kenwood appliances in my kitchen too! 

Looking to the future, Kenwood’s aim is to carry on serving the needs of people's changing lifestyles — setting the standard for affordable, high quality innovation for millions of customers all over the world. And, I'm glad that Kenwood products are now available in the Philippines, so if you have passion for cooking like I do, then you should check out Kenwood product and share with me your experience! 

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