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Review | Mighty Mom: A Mighty Dishwashing Liquid of Choice For Every Home

Just like a kid who gets all giddy when given a new toy, as a mom, I too get happy and excited when given stuff especially things that can help me in my household chores. And a week ago, I received a household product, a 750ml Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid in Lemon variant for me to try and review.

Honestly, it was the first time that I came across this brand and I'm happy because I'm discovering something new. Aside from the Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid the package also includes a 500ml Doctor J Isopropyl Alcohol which I reviewed here. Upon receiving the products, I immediately made my own research. These two brands are actually manufactured by KOHL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION.

KOHL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION is a Philippine FDA CGMP, Certified Manufacturing Corporation and is recognized as a trusted manufacturer of high-grade disinfectants, personal care, household products and medical device solutions  in the Philippines. It is proudly Filipino-owned and was incorporated in June 2002 by Mr. Aton C. Atilano.

With its Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice, Kohl Industries Corporation develops products specially for professional use. Formulated together with an expert team of chemists and pharmacists, their products adhere to the strictest standards set by top hospitals, where only high-level cleansing is accepted. Knowing this, I felt confident that my family will be in good hands.

On my previous post I've mentioned that I don't really like washing the dishes but as a mom and without a helper who else would get the job done? Of course me.....and Jaear, yes we take turns with household chores! But I was the one who got to try the Mighty Mom dishwashing liquid first and shared with him my impression which I will also be sharing with you.

The brand name itself, Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid makes it appealing to every mommies and adding to it is the mommy image on the label. Cool! Its packaging also is comparable to those leading brands, its made out of thick durable plastic dispenser with a pump. I prefer pump dispenser the most as it's easier to use. 

On its label, it's stated "Concentrated" and that is why it's frothy and has long lasting bubbles which I find entertaining every time I wash the dishes. Haha! In terms of its scent, since I got the Lemon variant, it's sweet and citrusy. It smells good but just overpowering and leaves a clean fragrant scent on the plates and glasses especially plastic ones. So if you don't want it to leave a smell on, rinse it properly and I suggest you to only use a little amount of dishwashing liquid or you can even dilute it in water. And, because it's concentrated, you can actually save, even a little drop will go a long way, so a bottle will last for a longer time for sure. 

Aside from the Lemon variant, Mighty Mom is also available in endearing scent of Kalamansi which is my favorite, and the newest to the group, Vitamin E infused Soft Skin variant. Can't wait to try them all!

Mighty Mom dishwashing liquid also effectively cleans and cuts grease. Just make sure to properly rinse your dishes also to avoid food residues. What I like the most about Mighty Mom is that it has Anti-bacterial properties not only cleaning our plates and utensils but disinfects it making them germ free as well. Great isn't it?

And another good news, Mighty Mom is easy on the pocket! They are doing an ad campaign on several stores and they also supply this in bundles unlike other dishwashing liquid in the market. 

For SM supermarkets, a 500mL bottle with 2 FREE 250mL pouch is priced at Php88.00 only and a 1 Liter bottle with pump + FREE 3 250mL pouch is priced at Php149.00 only. For Shopwise, a 750mL bottle with 2 FREE 250mL pouch is priced at Php149.75 and a 500mL bottle bundled with another 500mL bottle is priced at Php95.00 only. For Robinsons, a 250mL bottle with 2 FREE 250mL pouch is priced at Php49.75 only. What a great deal! It's definitely worth hoarding for as this can be stored for a long time plus buying this is supporting local products, as this is Proudly Pinoy-owned.

Give it a try mommies, not only are you going to make big savings but you are also ensured that your dishes are clean, deodorized, germ free and that your family is safe! Indeed a mighty dishwashing liquid of choice for Supermoms.

Mighty Mom is currently available in Robinsons Supermarket, SM Supermarket, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Fishermall, APCES, Shopwise, to name a few. It is also available in Marketa, an online market place.

For more details and updates check out their website:
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