Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Healthy, Happy and Heavenly Looking Lips with Colour Collection

I don't really wear a lot of make up, but if there's one makeup that I can't go a day without it would definitely be my lipstick. My lips are just too pale and needs all the color that a lipstick could offer. Unlike other makeups, I find lipsticks very easy to apply so it's a must have for me. However lipstick can only do so much and oftentimes I tend to neglect that my lips need caring too. That's why I usually experience cracked and chapped lips. 

Caring for our lips is very important especially during cold and hot days when our lips experience the most dryness.Good thing Tupperware Brands has a line up of products to address this situation.

Get super soft, kissable lips with Colour Collection’s Lip Therapy Scrub, add this to your lip care regimen once a week to remove dead cells. Colour Collection’s Lip Therapy Scrub contains biogommáge, a natural exfoliant composed of cellulose and hydroxypropylcellulose, which is effective, safe for use, and efficient in exfoliating dead skin. No scratching effect, no redness, no irritation and skin aggression! 

How to use the Lip Therapy Scrub
Just apply on your entire lip area and leave it on for about 2 – 3 minutes. Use a wet washcloth to remove the Lip Therapy Scrub and rub it across your lip area using gentle, circular motions to create a naturally rosy and plump pout. Then, pat your lips dry and apply your preferred lip balm or lipstick.

For a more hydrated lips with a hint of color and shine, Tupperware Brands got you covered with its Moisture Intense Lipstick. With 10 times more moisturizers than a regular lipstick, the Moisture Intense Lipstick comes in seven sexy shades guaranteed to make your lips look extra soft and supple enhancing your natural beauty!

I have mine in Electric Pink Shade and I love how it makes me look fresh! It suits my skin tone and most importantly it makes my lips moisturized, no need for a lip gloss anymore. This is perfect during day time as the color is just light.

For those who prefer a multi-benefit lipstick, from Tupperware Brands comes a new creamy, but lightweight lipstick formulated with natural extracts to soothe and moisturize dry lips. Colour Collection’s Pure Naturals Lipstick contains jojoba oil to keep lips smooth, soft, and moisturized, avocado oil that helps lips become more plump and full, shea butter to help heal dry and chapped lips, and cupuacu butter that helps restore lip elasticity to avoid wrinkles and lines. The best thing about Colour Collection’s Pure Naturals Lipstick is that it’s suitable for women with sensitive skin!

My lips often experience chapping that's why I love this Colour Collection’s Pure Naturals Lipstick and I have mine in Peach Crush Shade. I love how it brighten my face, it's perfect during day time or even for a night out. 

Applying lip color is a great and simple way to change a look. Keep them looking healthy by consistently applying a lip care regimen. Colour Collection’s Lip Therapy Scrub, Moisture Intense Lipstick, and Pure Naturals Lipstick give your lips the care they need!

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