Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CHIQCHAT: Your Virtual Closet!

Aside from Facebook, Instagram comes in next as my most used social media platform. I use it for uploading photos, connecting with my blog readers and friends, and to stalk my favorite fashion personalities (LOL). It may sound a bit creepy but yes I do! It has been a habit of mine to check their feed for outfit ideas before I go out shopping. But honestly, with their numerous number of posts it's quite a hassle to scroll up and down especially that not all their posts are fashion related. I could only wish that I can get to see what's in their closets.

You feel me? Then what if I tell you, we can. Virtually! So ladies, I'm very happy to introduce to you ChiqChat- a new social media site which is made specifically to create a fashion Community for women. I'm one of the lucky ones who got first dibs about this latest social media platform and become part of the ChiqChat family. It got me excited because finally I can follow many personalities, check their closet anytime I want to and get outfit inspirations, no need to dig through their Instagram posts! My fashion-oriented readers can also follow me to which I can follow them back and we can just focus on fashion without being interrupted by unnecessary topics. Yey!

ChiqChat is ideal for Bloggers, Online Sellers and generally everyone who have the PASSION for FASHION. Here, we can talk all we want about the latest trend in fashion, share our #OOTD, and other topics relevant to fashion.

My virtual closet! Will be uploading more items soon!

At ChiqChat, you have your own Closet which has different categories such as ACCESSORIES, BAGS, DRESS, HATS, OOTD, PANTS, SHOES, SKIRTS and TOPS. In your Closet you can easily upload fashionable items which are organized accordingly. These items can be for posting purposes or you can also indicate whether you are selling or trading them. Your followers will then see your activities on the news feed and has the option to Fancy (Like) and Comment on it. You can even share it on Facebook.

You can also create Cliques wherein you can exchange ideas with certain group of people which can also be followed by end-users. 

Did I get you all excited about this? Well I have a good news for you, ChiqChat has officially launched last December 4, 2015 and is now available for everyone. Some of your favorite fashion bloggers, online shops and celebrities like Liza Soberano and more are already part of the ChiqChat family, you can already follow them and check their closets virtually! All you have to do is go to www.chiqchat.com and create your account.

Don't forget to follow me too!- http://chiqchat.com/u/pearlbliss30/

ChiqChat is open 24/7 for any suggestions and is continuously aiming for more updates on their platform to provide better service. They will be launching a mobile app version very soon to make this community more accessible especially for people on the go.

Meanwhile check out this emotional short film that serves as their advertisement, because ChiqChat believes that every dress has its story. Prepare some tissues, it will surely make you cry.

See you around and #CheckMyCloset!

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