Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First LegoLympics in the Philippines Held at SM Southmall

It was a rainy Saturday last December 19, 2015 as if blessing the Grand Finals of the first ever Lego Building Competition or the LegoLympcs in the Philippines which was held at SM Southmall. Despite the rainy weather, I together with my mom, husband and the kids especially my eldest son who loves Lego eagerly braved the rain and floods to witness the pouring skills and creativity of  all the participants vying for the Championship.

The LegoLympics were divided into 3 categories: Kids (4-12 years old) Teens (13-17 years old) and Adults (18 years old and up) and prior to the Grand Finals, participants from each categories underwent Elimination Rounds which were held at SM Southmall's Event Center last November 28, December 5 and 12, 2015. 

The LegoLympics Grand Finals took place around 4:00 in the afternoon at the Event Center which were filled with shoppers and mall goers who watched and cheered for their favorite participants.

Starting with the Kids, followed by the Teens then the Adult Category, each participants were given a set of Lego Bricks and within 20 minutes they should Create, Build and have fun with their given theme. 

Kids in action. Creating, Building "Gift Box" and Having Fun!

Teens Category. Creating, Building "Santa Claus" and making their imagination do the work!

Adults Creating, Building "Christmas Elf" and Having some Serious Fun!

After the 20 minutes time limit given to each participants, the judges were also given time to asses each masterpiece and judge them according to the following criteria: Creativity, Stability and Nearest to Reality

In between the competition, some of the viewers from the audience were randomly picked to participate in some challenges and the winners per challenge got to take home Lego loot bags.

Lego Santa Claus was also there ready for picture taking at Photo Booth Area.

The winners of the first ever LegoLympics in the Philippines were announced before the event ended and they took home the following prizes per category:

Champion: 5,000 pesos + Lego Loot Bag
1st Runner Up: 2,500 pesos + Lego Loot Bag
2nd Runner Up: 1,500 pesos + Lego Loot Bag

and the winners are.....
2nd Runner-Up: Matthew Gabriel Reyes, 10
1st Runner-Up: Clive Willis Estrella, 10
CHAMPION: Carlos Vincent TaiƱo, 11

2nd Runner-Up: July Juan Baranda, 16
1st Runner-Up: Chi Marcelo, 13
CHAMPION: Patrick Rodriguez, 17

2nd Runner-Up: Angel Jacob Villanueva, 24
1st Runner-Up: Chad Yaoyao, 19
CHAMPION: Celis Anthony Manalo, 26


SM Southmall also has a LEGO Christmas Adventure Land Centerpiece and Pit Stops in every level, you can drop by and take your selfies there!

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