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A Christmas To Remember with Mommy Bloggers Philippines

It was June 2013 when I started blogging, I was a full time mom then (until now) and pregnant with baby Brianna, our youngest. That time we were also on the process of adapting to a new environment because it was just few months since we moved in to the condo. New place, new faces, I am away from my parents and friends so I only get to communicate with them online. It wasn't easy at first but eventually I got used to everything and I can say that blogging has been a big help.

From "Perks Of Being A Mom" to "Mom-derful World" my blog served as my online journal where I share anything about my journey as a mom. Regardless of the number of followers I got and whether they get to read my posts or not I continued blogging because it's something that I love doing. That same year I was surprised that I got invited to be part of a community of Moms who also love to blog, the Mommy Bloggers Philippines! It was such an honor and I would like to thank Mommy Lanie Lluch of TweenselMom for recognizing my blog back then even though I was just starting. However, few months after I gave birth I honestly had a hard time adapting and juggling my mommy, blogging duties and everything in between especially that we don't have a helper. It was really overwhelming so I stopped blogging. Came October 2015, my husband and I decided to come back to the blogging world and just combine our blogs since we will only be blogging the same thing, hence we came up with a new blog name "Team Poreber" this is actually on the "About" section. Lol. We became active and accepted PR postings, I also attended a few Blog Events, get to know more fellow bloggers but the most memorable of all is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party.
Photo taken by Casa Litrato
It is the only Christmas Party that I actually attended and I'm really glad I did because it was so much fun. I got to meet fellow mommies who I used to know and talk to online through their blogs.

The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party was held last December 5, 2015 at the Sky Lounge area of The Linden Suites, Pasig City. Aside from the venue, they also provided us with our sumptuous lunch courtesy of their in house restaurant the Mesclun. The Sky Lounge was wonderfully designed by Amari Events with red and gold, all mommies were also asked to dress up in accordance to the theme. Making the tables more beautiful are the gold and red jewelry boxes from Shoppers Stop and cute ribbons from Chelsy and Casey, all of us mommies got to take each of it home.

With my event buddies; Lhyzie and Eihdra
The party was limited to only 40 Mommy Bloggers so we got the time to get to know each other with a short introduction about us and our blog. My blog post intro includes everything that I was supposed to say during the introduction but missed because I was really shy that time. 

Photo Taken by Casa Litrato
After the introduction lots of prizes from our generous sponsors such as Fujidenzo, Zojirushi, Philips, Fuentes Manila, Starbucks, National Bookstore, Hotel Quickly and Sun Villa Resort were given away during the raffle. 

I am not that lucky when it comes to raffle that's why I was really surprised when I won! I won a Fujidenzo Coffee/Tea Maker, yey!

Photo taken by Casa Litrato
Our arms got a quick exercise as we pass the VitaCubes gift packs to our left, right..across! It was a fun game, we all got VitaCubes and lucky moms won SM GC's!

During chitchat time, we were served with a cup of hot coffee best paired Lotus Biscoff, yum!

Aside from the wonderful design,Amari Events also hosted a photo contest. They provided us with a photo booth area where we can take our photos, upload it on Instagram then they chose 2 winners of a special prize. 
I just got lucky, I was one of the winner and won a Zojirushi Thermal Airpot. 

Not all mommies got lucky enough during the raffle but everyone went home with lots of goodies from Jolly, Robinsons Supermarket, Frabelle, Melawares, Wacoal, Cinnabon, Red Ribbon and Villas Conte Chocolates. We also have gifts prepared for the exchange gift. Good thing we all brought extra eco-bags, but I believe we all had a hard time figuring out how to take them all home because I swear it was a lot! 


This wonderful moment were all captured in photos by our official photographer, Casa Litrato.

These are all the goodies I got to take home! :)
I'm positive that every one had a blast, it was indeed a Christmas Party to remember and it was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community. Thank you so much! 

I can't wait for this years Christmas Party and  to meet more mommy bloggers. :)

The Linden Suites


Amari Events

Casa Litrato




Lotus Biscoff

Frabelle Foods

Robinsons Supermarket





Rebisco VitaCubes

Fuentes Manila

Sun Villa Resort

Villa Del Conte Chocolates

Red Ribbon

Hotel Quickly

Shoppers Stop…

Chelsy & Casey

National Bookstore


*All photos used are mine unless stated other wise*

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