Friday, November 27, 2015

PhilCare Launches Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards

"Prevention is better than cure" 

I don't know how many times I've heard and have used this saying, it may be cliche but the essence of it never changes. However, people tend to disregard it's importance especially when it comes to health. This has been uncovered during the 2014 PhilCare Wellness Index, the first of its kind study in the Philippines. 

Majority or about 74% of Filipinos views health as "curative" rather than preventive. Meaning, they choose to self medicate and will only consult a doctor when they are already sick, which is indeed very alarming. High cost of consultation is one of the reason that prevents them from doing so. 

I got invited last November 24, 2015 at Bistro Pamana over an  intimate Thanks giving party for Bloggers which is also the launching of the Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards, which is PhilCare's solution to the health situation we have here in the Philippines. 

"PhilCare believes that prevention is always better than cure. Other than leading a healthy lifestyle, Filipinos should also be able to have immediate access to their doctors during onset of any illness or even just to check the progress of their health. Our new Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards will address this need." says Noemi G. Azura, President and CEO of PhilCare

PhilCare understands that each age range has specific health concerns, that's why they developed three variants of the Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards according to the age of its users.

Medical and Dental Consultation for Kids - (Php 3,700) for kids aged 1 to 17 years old.
 Offers unlimited medical consultations to more than 5,500 PhilCare-affiliated pediatrician and one year unlimited consultation with Dental Network dentists. 

Medical and Dental Consultation for Adults- (Php 3,600) for adults aged 18 to 64 years old.
Medical and Dental Consultation for 65+- (Php 5,000) Ideal for adults aged 65 and above.
--- Card offers unlimited medical consultation to more than 9,600 PhilCare-affiliated family medicine specialists, internal medicine specialists, cardiologists and gastroenterologists nationwide. One year access to Dental Network dentists. 

Patty P. Henson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for PhilCare shares, "The unlimited consult cards makes consultations easy, affordable and available for everyone- especially for senior citizens. No long paper work to register, activation of the card is done by text and can be used 3 days immediately after activation. We always said that PhilCare Makes Health Happen- this is a testament to that commitment."

This is definitely a good news to everyone, I just hope that this will change people's approach on health and wellness.

Together with the PhilCare Bosses and one of the winner, Mr. Oscar Bornea.

At the event PhilCare hosted a contest and my flatlay photography skill (haha) won me my own Smart Check Up Card- Annual Physical Exam Package. 

I am looking into getting Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards for my parents who are in the province and the good news is, PhilCare has also made it easy for everyone to purchase courtesy of its efficient shopping online system.

For more information you can visit their website: 

To buy, just log on to the website.

#UnliConsult4Ever #MakeHealthHappen

~Mommy Poreber

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