Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kuya J Restaurant Food Review

I want to immediately say that nope you won't see Jericho Rosales in this blog post but you will definitely know whether this restaurant is worth it like "Money well spent worth it" or "I just came here because Jericho Rosales is endorsing it". Last November 14 was an average day for us and then everybody randomly decided to go out just because... Well just because they wanted to. We went to SM Southmall and upon entering there was this sign that my parents couldn't resist to notice. Yes, It was the Kuya J's sign inviting us to try their dishes.

We came there around 5:30PM and it was going to be an early dinner for all of us. I swore to myself that i wasn't going to eat much since i was a bit full from lunch, I even opted in ordering 1 cup of regular rice only but then they ordered Sizzling Gambas, Crispy Pata, Binagoongang Rice and Sinuglaw. I somehow felt a bit challenged since there's no way I'm missing out on any of those dishes.

Orders started coming one by one after 15 minutes which was alright for us since we didn't wait that long.

First up are the shakes. Everyone was like *bakit hindi puno* hahaha! We do like the idea of having it in a mason jar but taste wise there's really nothing else to complain about.
Price: 85.00 pesos each

Then comes the Sinuglaw. Marinated grilled pork belly and fresh Tanigue fish soaked in vinegar. I only ate the grilled pork since i can't tolerate eating raw fish. *Yes I'm also a kill joy with some Chinese, Japanese and Korean Dishes. Thumbs up from me for the grilled pork and another thumps up for the Tanigue fish from my parents and wife. The only down side is the small serving which will definitely make you order at least two of this.
Price: 230 pesos

Sizzling Gambas which happens to be another dish that will leave you hanging. We ended ordering another plate. It definitely have a good combination of heat and flavor. Achievement unlocked: Using heat in a food review like Gordon Ramsey. There's room for improvements though since I feel like they need to add a bit more flavor on the sauce since it taste a little bland after the first few bites.
Price: 295 pesos

Humbinagoongan Rice Platter which again is a case of *bitin* moment. We might have also underestimated our appetite and ended up ordering another serving of this. We love it and the additional pork on top is a bonus. 
Price: 175 pesos

Drum Roll Please! Here comes their  best seller Cripsy Pata (Regular) which is also their Signature Dish. I happened to have gaze upon the other tables and it's funny cause everyone except for the two love birds i saw had this on their table. We love the crispiness of the skin and juiciness inside. You can order a (Family) size one but this one had us full already. We were 4 adults and 3 kids to share and munch over this scrumptious food. 
Price: 490 pesos (Regular) and 695 (Family)

Foodie! The lady on the background is probably thinking : "Why are they taking a selfie holding a Crispy Pata?! That's how good it is hahaha!

The place is so packed full! Do you see that spot with empty chairs? That's where we sat.

But it was immediately filled with new customers.

I do wish that they include the taxes of each dish in their menu already so that people won't be surprised with the estimate that they have in mind. Overall we did have a good time and didn't expect that it only costed us that much to enjoy those sumptuous dishes. Kuya J Restaurant easily became a part of our family's must go to restaurants.

Check out their Facebook and Website for more details.
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~Daddy Poreber

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