Monday, November 9, 2015

Facts and Effective ways to avoid mosquitoes!

Small but terrible is practically the best way to describe a mosquito. It sips away your blood with a chance to cause either malaria or dengue. It’s considered as the deadliest insect in the world. We as parents are the protectors of our children. Here are some facts and tips to keep those bloodsuckers away:

  • We have our color preferences for clothes but did you know that a mosquito does too? It’s more attracted to black or dark shades of clothing. (Black, Red, Blue) than light colors (white, khaki, green or yellow).
  • Ever wondered why your parents wanted you to wash your feet before going to bed? (They used to tell me that I’ll have a nightmare of becoming a pig if I don’t. LOL!) Mosquitoes are actually attracted to smelly feet so make sure to tell you kids to clean theirs too.
  • Sweats and Body Odors are like the go signals for mosquitoes to attack. Taking a bath daily is a good solution. Kids are naturally active and energetic which cause them to sweat a lot. You can remind them to always bring a small face towel to wipe their sweat and put some baby powder on them.
  • Blood Type! Research shows that depending on your blood type our body secretes different scents. Mosquitoes are less attracted to A-types while more attracted to O-types. Oh my, the ever giving blood type O which is also the most requested in hospitals. Unfortunately we can’t change this. :(
  • Aquariums! I have been wanting to get one and fill it with fishes. It’s gives the place a good ambiance and it’s fun to look at. Now if you’re worried that it might be a cause of Mosquitoes, what you can do is add a mosquitofish which feeds on mosquito larvae.
  • Bug Zappers are pretty much useless against mosquitoes, unless it’s a swarm of mosquitoes flying in your house. It’s more likely to kill other insects like moths.
  • These blood suckers are also like vampires. It avoids the smell of garlic but hey we wouldn’t want to smell like garlic right? 

I hope you had fun reading and if ever those are a little bit too much to remember you can always try ATC’s STRIKE
I first tried the mosquito liquid repellent starter kit.

You just plug it in a place that you want to be off limits to mosquitoes.

It can last up to 40 days with approximately 8 hours per day. I tested it in our bathroom which seems to have some mosquitoes flying here and there. It was very alarming indeed. I believe it might be because of some places that water have accumulated. Fair enough after using this product I've seen dead mosquitoes around the sink, the floor and shower area. It sounds nasty but thankfully now it's mosquito free. I'm currently using it on our bedroom whenever we're sleeping. The smell isn't that strong that you'll barely notice it even with airconditioner.

ATC's STRIKE Multi Insect Killer

A little bit on the heavy duty side? We've used a different brand before but seems to have been a failed attempt to get rid of mosquitoes. The last time we went out for a few hours, we sprayed the whole house with this water based insecticide spray and said goodbye to those pest.

Let's all STRIKE down those pest and say hello to a safer home.

~Daddy Poreber


  1. Must needed tlga ntin tong pamatay ng lamok para safe tayo lalo nat mga bata iwas dengue

  2. Thanks for sharing this mamsh. Ang dami kung natutunan, importante talaga na pnatilihing malinis ang kapaligiran para maiwasan ang lamok. At syempre pati narin ang ating katawan. Lalo na ngayon at tag ulan na kailangan natin mag doble ingat para maiwasan ang mga sakit.