Saturday, November 28, 2015

How dirty is your Keyboard?

On one average day a dirty secret surprised me! I was browsing online, playing some games and when i was about to do some blog posts the horror happened! The letter A, Z, Q and TAB keys suddenly stopped working and there's no way I'm gonna use the on screen keyboard. I was already thinking that it's maybe time to buy a new one. I tried to unplug and plugged the keyboard back again in hopes that it might have been just a loose connection but there was a far more sinister reason that i soon discovered.

Warning! Filthy images ahead:

It's definitely not a good sight upon checking under those keys mentioned. It's been 3-4 years since  we got this keyboard and this was the first time that i thought on cleaning deep below the keys. We normally just sweep away the dirt and dust on the side and top of each keys and sometimes even wiping it with alcohol but had forgotten to do some cleaning under.

The horror... Some might say. I Immediately remove the keys and cleaned under it. It was pretty easy but something I've neglected for the past years. 

I cleaned the main part first and did the same with the rest of the keys. It's not like it's spotlessly clean now but there's definitely a very BIG difference right?

Fortunately it worked again and I'm thankful that this keyboard lasted me for that long.
It's now time for some fresh clean ideas from my happy fingers

Just in case anyone else want to try it. Here's a video sample of how to remove the keys from this kind of keyboards. Try to give it a try and share on the comment if it worked for your keyboard too.
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~Daddy Poreber

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