Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Be Fabulously Fit with Nestlé Fitnesse

Maintaining a healthy and fit body could be a challenge, especially to women who just gave birth. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to a woman’s body. Some are just temporary but some no matter how unwanted stays, thus putting their self confidence inside the box and I am no exception. I'm a mom of 3 kids with my youngest whom i gave birth 2 years ago. I actually waited for at least a year when my baby has finally established her eating pattern and not just solely depending on my liquid gold. Yes, I breastfed my baby which made me gain more weight because I have to eat healthy including more calories since I am eating for the 2 of us. (excuses excuses haha)

Couldn't find photos of me back then. I guess I used to hate the camera. Haha!
After quite a long hiatus, I finally decided to fulfill my goal of staying fit. But the question is a big HOW?! I don’t like the idea of having to starve myself because I love to eat, nor enrolling in to a gym as I really don’t have the time. It was indeed challenging, but I have to get going. I began with some basic exercises at home but the problem is I have to modify my diet and that’s when I discovered Nestlé Fitnesse.

Nestlé Fitnesse breakfast cereals are made of whole grain, which makes it a healthy choice. Whole grains are unrefined grains that contains all the 3 edible parts- the bran, the germ, and the endosperm providing more protein, more fiber and many important vitamins and minerals. Studies show that eating whole grain foods helps you to maintain your waistline over time, making it a girl's best friend, my best friend for quite a while now. :)

I used to skip breakfast thinking it will help me lose weight but I noticed that skipping breakfast makes me reach for unhealthy snacks around mid morning. Not good right? So I quit skipping breakfast and started filling my bowl with Nestlé Fitnesse cereals, Nestle non-fat milk and some fruits. With many delicious varieties to choose from, breakfast has never been this healthy and delicious!

 I realized that I really don't have to deprive myself with the things I love. All it takes is a balanced diet including Nestlé Fitnesse, active lifestyle, a right mind set and most importantly is to make sure that I'm having fun! Maintaining a healthy and fit body isn't that hard after all. 

I've always been in love with swimming it's one of my favorite sports. Now I can be fabulous while swimming because I can fit to my swim wears already. I can't wait for more beach moments as now I'm bikini ready!

Staying fit should come from within and it will naturally radiate on the outside. Now I can confidently say that I'm a mom of 3 yet I still feel and look Fabulously fit! The title "Mom" is not an excuse for you to neglect your body. Make it as your  motivation to take care of yourself because if you're healthy, you could take more care of your family.

"Do something that your future self will thank you for" - Unknown

To know more about the Nestlé Fitnesse 14 day program for a more fabulous you, visit nestle-fitness.com or check them out on Facebook: Nestlé Fitnesse for more information.

What's your fitness story? Would love to hear them :) 

~Mommy Poreber

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