Thursday, December 7, 2017

Make Healthy Home Hacks Even Healthier

If you want to make your home healthier, there are hundreds of healthy home hacks that can help you. Making a few changes to your home can help to make it a healthier environment and make it easier for you to make healthy lifestyle choices too. But some healthy home hacks might not go far enough. You can make some of them even healthier if you know the right tricks. With a little extra thought, you can go to the next level and get a home that's in the best condition for your health. Try out some of these ideas to make your healthy home hacks even healthier and greener.

Switch to Microfiber Towels/Cloths

If you've been on a mission to have a green home, you might have stopped using paper towels or disposable wipes. This can make you worry that you're not cleaning your home as well as you could be, but it doesn't have to. You can use reusable towels and clothes and still make sure you have a clean and healthy home. Microfiber is one of the best materials to use because they're so absorbent and good at picking up dirt and debris. They're excellent for cleaning with water and cleaning products, as well as for dusting.

Use More Natural Scents and Air Fresheners

Making your home smell better is good for your health in a few ways. It can force you to seek out the source of unpleasant smells, as well as make your home more relaxing with pleasant scents. However, if you start using air fresheners or other fragrances, you might want to take a look at the ingredients. Perhaps you would prefer to use more natural essential oils, which you can diffuse in your home without letting too much moisture into the air. You can learn more about the gadgets that help you do this from Aroma Tech. Looks for oils that are organic and non-allergenic, among other things.

Balance the Moisture in Your Home

For a healthier home, a lot of people start finding solutions to reduce the moisture in the air. This can involve using a dehumidifier or changing lifestyle habits. However, it's also important to remember not to remove too much moisture from your home. You don't want it to be too dry, or it could be bad for your skin and other aspects of your health, as well as your home. If you have a dehumidifier or a humidifier (if the air is usually dry), you can often set it to a specific humidity level so you can get the balance just right.

Make Sure Reusable Food Containers Are Safe

Reusable food containers are an excellent way to reduce waste. They can also help you to eat healthier by making it easy to prepare meals in advance. But you should check to see if the containers you're using are as safe as they can be. Ideally, any plastic should be BPA-free. Of course, your containers should also be safe to freeze, chill or expose to heat if you plan to store them in the fridge or freezer or heat up food in them.

Even if you've started to make your home healthy, you could go further and make it even healthier. Make careful decisions to ensure you're getting the most out of your home hacks.

Look Beautiful. Feel Beautiful

Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful are two very different things. Often people don’t ever feel either of them. There’s too much pressure going on with social media etc. that it is hard to find a reason to love yourself. But the thing that everyone misses is this, everyone needs to learn to love themselves. People fascinate on the fact that other people in the world are perfect, but they’re not. Everyone has something wrong with them somewhere along the line. So, to look beautiful, you truly have to feel beautiful, and here are some ways of achieving that feeling.


Pampering yourself is so important, yet it is something that a lot of us seem to forget to do. We focus on rushing around to work life, social life, family life etc. that we forget to have a little bit of me time. Everyone is guilty of it. But the benefits of giving yourself a good pamper are amazing. You’ll instantly look and feel more beautiful. Here’s a quick pamper session that you need to try. First, you need to start with a nice hot bath or shower. Get yourself some candles and lovely smelling bath bubbles if you’re choosing the bath. Soak all your troubles away, and use a good exfoliator to start getting the dead skin off, you’ll feel so much more youthful after it. Try and purchase a hair mask from your local store and apply it whilst you’re relaxing in the bath. Most of them only recommend 10 minutes. Rinse it out and leave the bath feeling fresh. Then you need a decent moisturizer to keep your skin subtle and fresh. If you’re struggling with ideas on which one to get, check out the Moisturizers Blog. Try and moisturize your whole body if you can, it’ll leave you feeling fresher than you realize. Then finish off my filing and painting your nails. Take your time and apply two or three layers, leaving around 30 minutes in between layers to make sure each one dries fully. It’ll give you full coverage and help to prevent any chipping.

Look After Your Health

What you eat plays a big part in how you look and feel. If you eat junk food all the time you’re bound to start feeling sluggish and horrible. It does nothing but bad for your skin and appearance as well. Excessive eating of saturated fats and sugars increase the risk of weight gain, as well as the risk of breakouts. A girl's worst nightmare. Then you need to focus on the good foods that you can be eating. Filling your diet with omega 3 will help improve the quality of your skin. So fish is going to be great to add if you don't already eat it. Then you want to try to include as many vitamins and minerals as possible. These help to regulate the body’s normal function, which includes raising mood levels. A poor diet can lead to a drop in mood levels, which can then lead to a bad self-body image. What feeds you will make you happier. Plus it’ll help to boost your natural beauty.

Treat Yourself

A lot of us don’t get the chance to treat ourselves that much. There’s so much going on and so many other people to consider, that buying ourselves something is a bit of a rarity. But it can be the one thing that makes you feel better about yourself. We all know that feeling of buying a new item of clothing and feeling brand new every time we wear it for the first few times. So, if you bought just one new item of clothing every month, you’re guaranteed to feel better about yourself. Know the items that are going to suit your figure as well. Hourglass bodies really suit the bodycon look. Whilst curvy figures suit the skater dress and skirt look more. You’ll know what you feel comfortable in though, so always try and aim for that. The same applies to makeup. A new lipstick or a new foundation can really change the look of your whole face. When it comes to lipstick, pick bolder colors that you usually would. Bright reds are so fashionable at the minute, and they’re such a statement. There are also some really good foundation brands around at the minute. Estee Lauder is a firm favorite for a lot of people, but if that’s a little out of your price range you could test different drugstore products and see which ones work best for you. Make sure the coverage is good and they’re not too cakey.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Going All Out For The Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a nice end of year function to celebrate the work and struggles you’ve overcome in the previous 12 months apart from celebrating Jesus' birth.

So you want your party to look the best Christmas party ever has? Here’s some ideas to make it easier to plan, and to make sure it looks and feels great. 

How to Decorate

That can be easy once you’ve got a clear idea in mind. Use both the inside and outside to your advantage here, as your home can be cosy and warm for people to mingle in, or you can add an extra element of flair to it with a bit of clever lighting and some music. 

Hang up fairy lights over your porch, and put some Santa shaped ornaments either side of your door. Of course they can be any shape you want, as long as it adds a little more magic to the scene. Hang up a Christmas wreath, and let the hum of Christmas music float to the outside through the wood. 

What to Make

Christmas parties take a special kind of catering. Once you’ve bought the decorations, it’s time to move onto the biscuits and sweet treats your guests will love to nibble on. Some old time family favorites include cheese straws, gingerbread, mince pies, and of course there’s the mulled wine. However, we can mix it by throwing in some extra ingredients!

For example, take the idea of the mince pie and throw a bit of Baked Alaska on top of it, which is super yummy and looks great on a tablecloth. You can also make the cheese straws spicy or crunchy, for a little hidden flavor we always miss! 

How to Dress Up

Just because it’s a Christmas party doesn’t mean everyone has to come as a version of Santa and his elves! Instead, use this time to really show off your style and be the best dressed person in the room by taking the look of Christmas tinsel, baubles, and festive cheer and putting it into an outfit. 

A suit and blazer will always go down a storm, as it’s easy to maneuver in for the dancing and you can dress in multiple layers. Similarly, a playsuit or jumpsuit has a sense of festivity about it as they’re usually covered in a blotched or spotted pattern, perfect for that candy cane feeling whilst not looking overly dressed, and you can wear fluffy cardigans around your shoulders. 

Similarly, make sure your kids are outfitted just as nicely! For the younger ones this isn’t really a problem, they’ll look cute in everything. But if you have older children, you might find they have some issues with choosing the perfect outfit. So, if you’re having a trouble finding an outfit your teen will love, look into mermaid prom dresses, as they’re sparkly and flow out lovely around the ankles; sure to make your adolescent feel like a million bucks!

A Christmas has never had so much homemade cheer to it!

Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Time To Put Your Financial Fears To Bed!

backlit, black, candle

There are a lot of things that are worth worrying about in modern life. Of course, even if they aren't, most of us are going to end up worrying about them anyway. From family to friends to work, the list of things to worry about just goes on and on. Of course, there's one thing that causes people to worry more than just about anything else. That thing is, of course, money. People can often spend huge amounts of time worrying about their finances. So much so that it often gets in the way of them living the rest of their lives. However, that's not the way it has to be. Here are a few simple ways that you can put your financial worries to bed.

Don't ignore your bank balance

One of the most common things that a lot of people do when they start to worry about money is that they refuse to look at their bank balance at all. Sure, this might help you forget about it for a little while, but eventually, it's going to creep into the back of your mind again, and you're not going to be able to ignore it. Not only that but over time it could end up making things worse because you're likely to end up making financial decisions that you're not really sure about. Make sure that you always know what your bank balance is. Even if it's less than you'd like, at least you'll know about it.

Give yourself a safety net

Saving can be hard for a lot of people, but it really is worth putting in the effort so that you have at least a bit of a financial safety net. Having money set aside means that, even if you fall into something of a financial slump, you've got a pile that you can dip into in order to make sure that it doesn't have any kind of long-term negative effects on your circumstances. Even if you're just putting away a little bit each month, it can be a huge help.

Get informed

One of the most common reasons that so many people end up panicking about their finances is that they simply aren't aware of what their money is doing. For example, it's incredibly common for a first time home buyer to have no idea about the process or what kinds of costs are involved, which leads them to panic about whether or not they can afford it at all. Similarly, a lot of people panic about debt because they simply don't understand the impact that it's actually going to have on their current financial situation. By making sure that you're as informed as possible, you're going to be in a much better position to take control of your money.

Of course, no matter what you do, money is always going to be something that you think about. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The truth is that it's important to be aware of your finances. Otherwise, you're just going to end up falling into the trap of ignoring them to the point where something bad ends up happening.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

5 Signs Of Aging You Can Do Something About

Did you know those very first signs of aging can appear before you reach thirty? There are lots of reasons why they might show up early for some and a little later for others. Diet, exercise, and genetics will always play a part. Of course, if you’re skilled with your cosmetics, you can do well to hide them for ages. And if you have invested in a great skincare routine, you might be able to put them off for even longer. Here are just 5 of those early signs, how they’ll develop, and what you can do to slow them down:

Fine Lines

These are likely to be the very first things you notice. As soon as you do, you might think that your face is changing shape a little too. This is a sign that the plumpness of the skin is reducing. Collagen keeps young skin soft, supple, and plump. Muscles can help here so try some facial exercises to refine your shape. Your fine lines will eventually deepen into wrinkles. Some say botox injections help slow that down, but a good skincare routine including moisturizer will work just fine.

Saggy Jowls

The skin can appear to sag under and around the jawline over time. It becomes more noticeable after 40. Some experts think that hormone changes at this time of life can contribute to this problem. Reduce the risk of weight gain by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you have a look at the websites of companies like Carolina Facial Plastics, you can see images of how this area can be affected as we age.

Wrinkly Decolletage

The decolletage is the area of the neck down into the cleavage. This area tends to look aged more than others because it is exposed to and not protected from the sun. Use a good moisturizer here every day, and remember your sunblock. You don’t have to cover up when you’re out, but it might help slow down this sign of aging. Again, hormones will probably play a part past the age of 50. Hormone Replacement Therapy can help to reduce the speed at which the loss of hormones will affect your body.

Thinning Lips

The lips thin mostly for the same reason the rest of the skin loses its youthful plumpness. You can keep the circulation going by rolling your lips together a few times per day. This increases the blood supply to the lips and gives them that natural rouge color. Some celebrities swear by fillers and lip plumping. There are also a few cosmetics that claim to be able to re-plump the lips. Clever application of lipstick can help give the illusion of fuller lips.

Thinning Hair

Thin hair is something you can’t avoid as you age. Hormone replacement therapy can help slow it down, but over time, your hair won’t be as plentiful. Look after it now by wearing it down, and cutting down on harsh coloring, styling, heating, and treatments. Will you fight the signs of aging when they happen to you?