Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Mompreneurship Is Within Your Grasp

As a new mom, it can be difficult to visualise heading back to work once you’ve been caring for your little one for a fair few months. While you weren’t sure how you’d cope without the thrill of your work and the camaraderie of your colleagues, you have actually blossomed in your role as a full-time mom. Now the time has come for you to consider work options, you don’t want to give this newfound home life up. You don’t have to. Take a look at how you can stay at home and work at the same time. Mompreneurship beckons!

Think About Your Talents

What is it that you are good at and what are your passions? If you can think of something that fulfils both of these requirements you are well on the way to working out what it is you can do from home to earn some extra cash. If you’ve worked in the arts sphere or you are an exceptional cook, or you have a finance background, there are plenty of roles you can take on in a freelance capacity. You could set up a blog, provide accounting services for IT contractors or sell your own culinary creations. The opportunities for your new startup are there, you just need to grasp them with both hands.


Sometimes you can set up a new business with minimal overheads and without the need for much funding. However, if you require extra financial backing you may need to head to the bank for a small loan, or you could try the very twenty-first century method of crowdfunding. Alternatively, if you have a Paypal account, you could explore the option of a working capital loan to give your startup that extra boost it needs. If you have a sound financial set up from the start, your freelancing work or solo business venture will have a greater chance of success.


The chances are that you may decide to stick close to your roots and utilise the skills you learned when in full-time employment to see your money making idea morph from a mere dream into a reality. By using contacts from your previous job, you can really hit the ground running when it comes to sourcing suppliers, contracts, and customers. Establishing a loyal consumer base from the get-go means you can focus on the product or service you are planning to deliver rather than getting bogged down in marketing.

Online Presence

Even if you aren’t planning to blog or you don’t fancy setting up an eBay business, you still need an online presence. This could be a mixture of social media channels and a personal blog to connect with your customers. Being visible online gives you the opportunity to market your products on a platform that exposes your startup to the world. It makes economical sense to set up social media feeds and encourage interaction with your followers.

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to forego your career dreams. You simply have to adapt them a little bit to find the perfect balance between fulfilling your role as a mom and enjoying the challenge of entrepreneurship.

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