Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's Time to Declutter Your Bedroom!

You may think that you spend relatively little time in your bedroom in comparison to other areas of your home. After all, it’s not often that most of us will walk through the front door after a long day of work or play and head straight to sleep. Instead, we make a meal and eat over the dining table or in the lounge. Perhaps we’ll watch a film or our favourite television programme. Maybe we’ll run a nice, hot bath and lounge in there for a bit. For most of us, our bedrooms are reserved for sleeping and getting ready in the mornings before we head out. But bear in mind just how much time we spend asleep! If you’re doing things right, you should be getting a good eight hours of shut-eye every night. Then bear in mind the amount of time we take settling down and getting comfortable. Really, we probably spend longer periods of time in our bedrooms than anywhere else on our personal property! So, it’s absolutely essential that this space is comfortable, functional, and presentable. One of the main things that can make a bedroom feel cluttered, messy and claustrophobic tends to be excessive belongings. But with proper organisation, we can easily clear things up again! Here are just a few different storage solutions that will help to make your bedroom as tranquil a haven to relax in as possible.


So, first things first, you need to decide which items and belongings you want to keep and which serve no function but are taking up valuable space. This sounds a lot more simple than it often proves to be. After all, everything that’s in our home ended up there in one way or another, and sometimes it’s difficult to let go. Besides belongings with significant sentimental value, you need to take a look at each item in your bedroom and ask yourself a few things about it. When did you last use it? Do you get much use out of it? Will you be using it again anytime soon? Do you have more than one and can you let one go? Anything that you find yourself doubting probably isn’t necessary. Donate it to a charity store, sell it, or recycle it.

Storage Solutions

Once you know what items you intend to keep, it’s time to make sure that each has it own proper, designated place. This is where effective storage solutions come into play. The good news is that there are plenty of bedroom storage solutions out there. From drawers and rails for clothes to racks for shoes, makeup brush organizers, bookcases, and shelves. Whatever you have, there’s some effective way to store it. As well as keeping things looking neat and tidy, this will also ensure that you can always easily find specific belongings and that they will be well protected and kept in good condition!

Maintaining Tidiness and Cleanliness

Once everything is clear, and everything has its place, you have to assume the responsibility of keeping things in good shape. Avoid purchasing unnecessary items and goods and continue decluttering as you go throughout the year.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your bedroom is neat, tidy and organised. This will create the perfect space to kick back and relax in at the end of the day!

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