Friday, January 5, 2018

Five of the Best Remote Asian Destinations for Couples

Just because I was working on the first day of the year, my thoughts were wandering around. Thus, one of my first posts was about Luxury Escapes, why not, we deserve it! If you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and are planning a romantic break just like me, Asia is a great choice. You can explore new cultures, mix with locals, and learn about thousands of years old traditions. If you find the right location, you might even embark on a spiritual journey, taking on yoga or one of the martial arts while you are there.

Aside from the Philippines of course, below you will find five of the best destinations in Asia you must have on your bucket list. 

North India

Instead of visiting the South and the seaside resorts reserved for Western tourists in India, you could head to the North and embark on a journey to visit different religious sites, and mix with locals. The main attractions in North are Agra, where the Taj Mahal is found, but you will also like the religious city of Varanasi, and Jaipur, or the Pink City. You can hire a local travel agent that will take you around the different sites, arrange train tickets, private transport, attraction visits, and hotels. This way, you can have a local guide in every city you visit. 


Thailand is not only a friendly place with beaches, but also have plenty of attractions and cultural sites to visit. You can learn more about the religion and customs, try the local food, enjoy the nightlife, and stay in luxury hotels for less than in the Western world. You must visit Isaan, a much underrated region of the country, where see ancient temples, while staying off the beaten path. The main benefit of visiting the Isaan region is that you don’t have to pre-book your tours, as there are relatively few tourists stopping here. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea and great temples, but it also has several natural reserves you can visit. Check out the elephant sanctuaries, national parks, and remote areas in the mountains. You must check out the Yala National Park that is home to crocodiles and sea turtles. 


If you visit Indonesia, you will need to learn to appreciate the diversity of scenes and habitat on each island. The best way to explore this country is by hiring a boat and visiting different islands to explore special species and cultures. Check out for prices on private and charter tours, and you can start planning your vacation in Indonesia. 


While the Philippines is a popular destination, the less commercial country of Laos offers plenty of cultural experiences. When you plan your travels, make sure you visit The Bolaven Plateau in the South, which is pretty unknown to tourists. You can visit small towns by the waterfall, eat out cheaply, and enjoy being close to nature. If you are backpacking, you can find low cost accommodation in the Tat Lo region. 

Asia is the perfect destination for planning an unusual couples’ vacation. Make sure you check out the above destinations and choose locations that are less popular among tourists to get the feel of the culture and traditions better.

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