Saturday, January 6, 2018

Out With The Old And In With The New Fashionable You

Beat the January blues and fulfill those New Year's resolutions by becoming the best version of yourself. Nothing raises your self-esteem more and establishes the new you like a new wardrobe. It's time to clear out the old closet. So rip open some bin bags and start filling them with the rags you no longer wear. A clean wardrobe is a clean conscious. You'll feel so much more free for choosing an organized minimalistic option and that doesn't mean you have to be boring either. You can still let your personality shine through with a few signature pieces. 


Let's start at the bottom. Do you really need all of those shoes? Throwing them away to make space is going to be hard but rest assured you can always buy new ones. A great way of saving money is to auction and sell your treasured heels online. Instead of hoarding them away in your closet why not give them a new lease of life on another pair of feet and make yourself a tidy profit in the process. 


You don't have to go overboard and buy tonnes of new items. Often the older the piece the better and you can wear it in a shabby chic style. So it's well worth holding onto to all of your little trinkets. If you weren't gifted this year with any new items though you may want to go out and treat yourself. Roma Designer Jewelry offers a whole range of items that will be sure to dazzle. 


Having too much clothing could be costing you a fortune. Not only from buying it in the first place but also the cost of keeping it all clean. If you have children then it's time to lead by example. Washing ten pairs of socks for them to sit in a drawer isn't a smart option especially if you're short on space. A great way of getting rid of clothing you don't need or use is to put all of your clothes two separate bags. Divide it up into categories of what you wear daily and what you almost never wear. If you find clothing in the latter bag for more than a month then it's time to get rid of it. Treat yourself to some well fitted comfortable clothes that make you feel amazing and when you update your wardrobe next get rid of them again. Donating what you don't use to charity shops is an admirable thing to do. 


One jacket or coat will do you. Two at most, keeping one good for special occasions. Find yourself a durable coat that can brave the weather and fulfill its primary function of keeping you dry and warm. You can use that second coat purely for the aesthetic purposes of looking fantastic

It will be difficult at first deciding what to keep and what to throw away but once you get into it there will be no stopping you. You'll be saving so much time in the future when you're not wasting energy trawling through old clothes for a clean top.

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