Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Making Your Guest Bedroom Feel Homely

Is the guest bedroom in your home at all homely? Is it a room that you would sleep night in, night out? No? Well, why not! You never know when you're going to have to put a friend or family member of yours up for the night, and when that time comes do you really want them to be uncomfortable? No, you don’t, so make sure you take the advice below in order to make your guest bedroom feel as homely as it can.

Focus on the bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, be it a guest bedroom or not. In fact, the bed is the whole reason the bedroom is a bedroom! So, make sure you focus on your bed when you come to making your guest bedroom feel homely.

Shakespeare may have famously left his dear old wife, Anne Hathaway, his ‘second-best bed’ in his will, but you need not settle for second best when it comes to the one found in your guest bedroom. No, your guest bed can be the best — the very best, in fact — if you just put some effort into finding it; when it comes to doing this, make sure to head to whatsthebestbed.org in order to find comprehensive information on the best beds and mattresses out there on the market today. Specifically, you should look for a mattress that comes patterned with layer technology as this will provide your guests with a comfortable night sleep in which their pressure points are tended to and they have kept the right temperature the whole night long.

And, whilst you’re at it, make sure your bed linens are always fresh and always guest ready!

Keep the room clean and clutter free

It can be tempting to clutter up our guest bedroom, especially if it is not used all that often, but if you want to make it homely you simply cannot do this. Simply, you must live by the mantra that less is more in this case — the more space there is in there, the more welcoming, comfortable and homely it will feel. 

In fact, you could even go as far as to embrace a minimalist design in your guest bedroom if it is especially small or prone to clutter.

Make sure the room has good lighting

Guests of yours aren’t going to feel at home in your guest bedroom if there is no light for them to read by, so make sure there is good lighting in there! And, this means doing more than just changing your lightbulbs — this means making sure that there is a way for your guests to control the lighting system from the bed that they sleep in. Whether this means having light switches fitted near the bed or placing an extra lamp on the bedside table (or as close to the bed as comfortably and as practically as possible), just make sure you do it as you don’t want to have to force your guests to have to stumble around in the dark!

Once you have made you guest bedroom feel as homely as possible, why not think about renting the room out? This could be a long-term renting solution by putting up a lodger who is, say, studying at a local university for a term or two. Or, this could simply mean allowing people who are holidaying or traveling to stay at your property for a few days or even a few weeks at a time. By doing these things you stand to make a heap of extra cash and you may even make the money back that you invested into making your guest bedroom feel homely in the first place.

Once you’re done improving your guest bedroom, why not move across the landing and into your bathroom in order to give that room a much-needed improvement?

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