Sunday, October 16, 2016

PRESS RELEASE | MILO’s Champanalo Milyon-Milyon Raffle: Helps Public School Children Become Champions

“For many years, MILO has been at the forefront in building champions who best embody the winning energy of our brand. We are very grateful to everyone who continues to support our mission of empowering children to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle,” says Ellen Isturis, Consumer Marketing Lead for MILO Philippines. 

MILO’s commitment in building champions is raised to a new level with the MILO Champanalo Milyon-Milyon Raffle Promo. The nationwide raffle offers over PhP 20,000,000 in prizes, and empowers the winners to build future champions by helping a public school of their choice. The raffle promo is already ongoing, with the next Weekly Raffle set on October 8. The Grand Raffle is on November 6, 2016.

The MILO Champanalo Miyon-Milyon Raffle Promo is our way of thanking our young and grown-up champions and allowing them to also build champions through public schools as beneficiaries.” Ellen added.

The promo will have 10 Weekly Draws of four winners each, held in 22 radio stations. The weekly winners will each receive PhP 2,000. There will also be Special Draws in each Regional Leg of the MILO Marathon, with five winners each leg receiving PhP 10,000.00 cash. Non-winners of the Weekly and Special Draws will automatically qualify for the Grand Draw.

In the Grand Draw, a total of 36 winners (four each from nine areas nationwide and eight from the National Capital Region) will not only win cash, but can also help fulfill the dreams of public school children. For “small pack” entries, winners will get PhP 300,000, while the public school of their choice will win PhP 100,000 worth of Champion Fund. For “large pack entries”, winners will receive PhP 400,000, while the public school of their choice will win PhP 100,000 worth of Champion Fund.

MILO’s grand giveaway is open to all Filipino residents 18 years old and above. To join, participants must purchase the participating brands: MILO Tonic Food Drink or MILO NUTRI UP 3 in 1 Chocolate Malt Drink for Adults or MILO Ready-To- Drink Tonic Food Drink. (See the complete required packs at Then, on a clean sheet of paper, participants must write their whole name, age, address, contact number, and the public school of their choice. Participants can choose the school from the Master List of Public Schools found in the official website of the Department of Education (

Insert the sheet of paper and the MILO pack into a white, legal-sized envelope. At the back of the envelope, write MILO CHAMPANALO MILYON-MILYON RAFFLE PROMO plus the pack that’s included in the entry (example: MILO CHAMPANALO MILYON-MILYON RAFFLE PROMO, MILO 22g). Dropboxes can be found in participating supermarkets nationwide and in DZRH, Love Radio, and Yes FM radio stations.

Join the MILO Champanalo Milyon-Milyon Raffle Promo now and help build a nation of champions!

For the complete mechanics of the promo, visit the website ( or MILO’s Facebook page (

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