Monday, October 10, 2016

Different Types of Biscuit Snacks that will tickle your Taste Buds

Biscuits are one the best options for a quick snack fix or when you're on the go, because of the delicious taste it leaves in our mouth and the various forms that are available. And because of that, biscuits have been a hit all over the world. It is almost impossible for you not to find something that will tickle your taste buds, because of the different types of biscuit snacks offered in the market today and here are some examples:


Also called a “soda cracker”, saltines are crispy, dry, and sprinkled with some salt. This type has a variety of uses, making it perfect with your favorite dip and with the soup you need to warm your day. This simple yet delightful snack is the best pair for almost anything, balancing the flavors incredibly. Although some may feel it is a little bland on its own, saltines still serve as the yin to the very flavorful yang.


If you are into biscuits that feel light when bitten and melt in your mouth with a few munches, get yourself a pack of these babies immediately. Ladyfingers are delectable, egg-based snacks, usually serving as the main ingredient of just as mouthwatering desserts such as tiramisu and charlottes. These do pretty well as a stand-alone snack too, and can even be fed to teething infants.

Sandwich Cookies

Being one of the most popular types among school kids, sandwich cookies have found itself in the lunch bags of kids everywhere. The cream filling is sandwiched between two delicious cookies, satisfying both the taste buds and the hunger of anyone who would finish it. Depending on your taste, there are many varieties of this kind that you can choose from, all with very unique cookies and filling.

Shortbread Cookies

Experience that Christmas-y vibe with every bite of a shortbread cookie. Traditionally prepared from a particular ratio of sugar, butter, and flour, it has a white or light brown color. Today, shortbread cookies come in different tasty flavors such as chocolate chip and pecan.

Wafers and Wafer Rolls

Indulge in this scrumptious treat, a perfect biscuit snack for people on the go. A wafer pertains to a dry biscuit used to top your ice cream. But it can be made into a cookie by sandwiching a creamy filling, usually chocolate, between two crispy and sweet wafers. Some have taken it to the next level and marketed a wafer covered with chocolate, perfect for people who have a sweet tooth! Wafer rolls, also known as barquillos, are simply the cylindrically rolled brother of wafers.

One of the best wafer brands in the world, Gastone Lago Elledi, a leading Italian confectionery company is now available in the Philippines. Elledi specializes in the production of wafers and shortbread cookies.

For more of that sweet and creamy goodness, glimpse into the world of Elledi wafers at their Instagram page.

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