Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beauty Magnet: House of Authentic and Effective Beauty Products celebrates it's 9th Year

Nowadays, cosmetics and beauty products are selling like hotcakes and that is because more and more people are getting conscious with the way they look. People are open with the enhancement of their physical features like their complexion and body figure. While others might be against it, I personally think that here's nothing wrong with it. If doing so makes you feel good about yourself then we should go for it and don't let anyone dictate otherwise, right? Feeling beautiful and good about yourself attracts positive vibes!

I'm actually surprised to find out that there's a wide range of beauty products both from local and international brands, most I haven't personally tried. And, beauty enthusiasts need not to search far and wide for beauty products because aside from malls and drugstores beauty products can be bought online.

Speaking of online shop, last month I attended the 9th anniversary of Beauty Magnet Store, it was also a celebration of the owner, Ms. Manette Calupitan's birthday. 

Beauty Magnet Store is a registered company with the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines. The company started operations on 2007 and has built a reputation as an online international seller of authentic and quality health and beauty products. They take pride with their QUALITY and AUTHENTIC product ranges. All their products are carefully researched before they are put in display to the store to ensure that they bring nothing less for their customers. For this, they also provide money back guarantee on authenticity of their items. I believe they wont last for 9 long years if they are not legit right?

Fifty percent (50%) of their customers are from the United States while the next fifty percent (50%) are from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Philippines, The Middle East and other countries. Here in the Philippines they have been issued a License To Operate (LTO) as Food Distributor/Wholesaler (covering health/food supplements) by the FDA. Beauty Magnet aims to expand into distribution of quality health and beauty products both in the Philippines and abroad. 
The 9th anniversary and birthday celebration was fun and guests were served with sumptuous food. During the event, they announced that they will be opening their first physical store. Ms. Manette also gave us a sneak peek on some of the latest products that they will soon launch on their store. And of course, I'd like you to have the first dibs on these beauty products 

Here are some of the items that beauty junkees should watch out for.

QQ Collagen Jelly (20000mg Collagen)

We all know by now that Collagen is essential to the health and appearance of our skin. It is an important building block for elasticity, and its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen supplements comes in many forms, capsule, tablets, powdered and now in jelly form! For me this jelly form is the most convenient and delicious way to take collagen supplement daily. QQ Collagen Jelly comes in different flavors, peach, grape, orange and kiwi. I got to taste one during the event and yum, it's so delicious I think I can finish 1 box in just one sitting. Haha!

Bee Zin Snow White

This whitening tablet is a combination of the latest and most powerful skin whitening ingredients-- PYCOGENOL®, GLUTATHIONE AND ARBUTIN. 

Studies show that PYCOGENOL® is 4 times more powerful in skin lightening than KOJIC ACID
Pycnogenol ® = Grape seed x 10 times, Vitamin E x 40 times, Vitamin C x 350 times, Lipoic acid x 1000 times.

Magic Vitamin C Powder

This is also a whitening product and will provide you with a spotless white beauty. I got to try this too during the event and I was impressed with just one try. It instantly lighten the back of my hands where I applied it. This is not just for the face but also on dark underarms and other dark spots on the body. 

Bee Zin DD Supplement with Royal Jelly Plus+ (5000mg)

This supplement is also anti aging and can make the breast firm.

These are just some of the latest products that will soon be available in Beauty Magnet Store. Most of the products will undergo repackaging and will be in English language for Filipino consumers. Aside from the products I mentioned above, there will be more surprises for everyone. 

With my fellow bloggers and Ms. Manette Calupitan- owner of Beauty Magnet Store
"Beauty Magnet believes in the power of attraction or magnetism and everyone can exude this characteristic with a little boost of self-confidence through beauty." 

So if you have any physical feature that you're not really confident with or something that you'd like to enhance now you can definitely do it just don't be afraid to explore. But of course on top of that you must also bear in mind the quality and authenticity of the products and Beauty Magnet Store is definitely worth checking. Watch out for the launch of their latest products!

Check them out online: 

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