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Sarangani Bay: Home of Fresh Frozen Premium Bangus and Other Seafood Products

I grew up with my mom's home-cooked meals and back in our province, green veggies and fresh fish are staples because we can plant our own veggies in the backyard and we live just near the sea, I was taught by my parents to eat what's being served on the table and perhaps this is the reason why I'm not a picky eater. In fact I love to eat but aside from eating I also love to cook and cooking is one of the skills I was able to hone when I became a mom.

Cooking for me is one of the many ways to show my love for my family. I get satisfaction whenever I see my kids enjoying even the simplest of home-cooked meals that I prepare. They are not picky eaters as well so I don't have any problems feeding them. They eat almost anything I eat. I love seafood and i'm glad that they feel the same way, however Jaear finds it hard to eat fish because of its bones. He's also hesitant to feed fish to the kids because he's afraid they might ingest the fish bones so as much as possible he doesn't want to eat fish.

But fish and other seafood is part of a balanced meal and it helps us easily achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle because it has less calories and fat compared to chicken, pork, and beef. It provides various health benefits as well due to the vitamins and minerals it contains such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin B1, folic acid, and especially the omega-3 fatty acids that is known to prevent heart diseases.

The fat in seafood also combats other diseases such as
- Arthritis
- Asthma
- Diabetes
- Lupus
- Prostate tumors
- Breast cancer

I definitely don't want to skip fish from our menu that's why whenever I go to the market I buy boneless fish instead and boneless bangus is one of our favorites. Bangus or Milkfish is Philippines' National Fish, it has a unique delicious taste and is known for being bony but that's not a problem anymore because it's available boneless.

Seafood has always been a favorite to many especially to us Filipinos because we have an abundant supply in the agricultural and fisheries sector. But now it's difficult to find the fresh quality seafood due to issues of marine pollution and illegal fishing.

While it's true that fresh fish is ideal, however it’s not true that it is always better than frozen fish. Seafood should be frozen as soon as possible after being caught but cost and logistics make this difficult for many fishermen. Often fresh fish is NOT fresh as it may have sat on insufficient ice for days before reaching the market. So fresh frozen fish is the best alternative but we have to select brands sold by established seafood processors with a reputation for consistently excellent quality.

And here in the Philippines, the most trusted and largest processor of premium quality bangus and other processed seafood products is Sarangani Bay. It is also the country’s largest exporter of the said products.

Synonymous to the brand name is Sarangani Bay, the marine sanctuary of the premium quality bangus and is located at Southern Mindanao. The clean and fresh water of Sarangani Bay is bred by the Alsons Aquaculture Corporation—the only integrated farm to market fish processing operations in the country.

Commercially packaged frozen fish can taste as good as fresh caught harvests because they are carefully “fresh frozen” within a very short time after being caught, locking in freshness and flavor.

Not only is Sarangani Bay the most trusted and largest in the country, it is also a favorite overseas like United States, Canada, Guam, Australia, China and Middle East. 

So how does Sarangani Bay maintains the freshness of the fish products?

Sarangani Bay practices the cold chain management that is critical in maintaining the premium quality they offer compared to other fish processors. 

Last month, a box of Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus products arrived at our doorsteps. I was at the hospital then because Brianna was confined at the hospital due to Pneumonia so I wasn't able to personally receive the parcel. 5 days after, Brianna was discharged from the hospital then I got sick too and I swear Sarangani Bay was my life saver in the kitchen. We were running low on stock then but don't have time to go to the market. I also don't have the energy to cook good thing we have Marinated Sarangani Bay bangus, no need to season it anymore just a little frying plus steam rice we already have a decent meal. 

Sarangani Bay is available in numerous options, you can choose from the following: 


While I was still at the hospital, Jaear cooked this one for his dinner with Tristan and Athena. 

When I got home, I cooked this Marinated Baby Milkfish. It's marinated to goodness up to the bones, yes it has bones but since the bangus are small the bones are soft you can eat it if you want but watch out for the other sharp bones.

The Marinated baby milkfish is also available in spicy variant and it's perfect pair with Ginisang munggo. Yum! For me the spiciness is just mild and I believe older kids can tolerate it. 


It was a gloomy day so I cooked Sinigang na Boneless Bangus Belly or Boneless Bangus Belly in sour broth. The bangus belly is so delicious!

It's so easy to prepare and it tastes good. You can whip this up in 5 easy steps.

1. Marinate the bangus in soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, black pepper, 
chopped garlic and onion.
2. Drain the bangus. Set aside the Marinade sauce
3. Fry the fish
4. Add the marinade sauce. Simmer
5. Serve!

Cooked and Frozen

Smoked Boneless Milkfish or also called as Tinapa is their certified best-seller – perfectly smoked and salted, yet soft and juicy in texture. It’s cooked twice for maximum flavor impact. After proper thawing, just heat and serve! It's been a while since I ate tinapa, I guess the last one was still in college. 

We love Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus, and I highly recommend it. Boneless Bangus are available in markets but with Sarangani Bay you have wide varieties of excellent quality frozen products to choose from. One of their must try-products are the interesting yet delicious bangus sisig, boneless tocino, and boneless tapa. You can also check their website for quick and easy recipes. To know more about Sarangani Bay and how to order, visit

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