Monday, August 15, 2016

Kojiesan Celebrates 10 Years of Bringing Millions of Filipinos Skin to Light

I have a neutral complexion, thanks to my ancestors genes for that! However, growing up other people thinks otherwise. Whenever I shop for clothes or shoes with friends they would always tell me any color suits me because my skin is fair. I don't know if they are just trying to be good friends to me or my complexion is really fair? Haha. 

Honestly I don't use whitening products maybe because I'm just fine with my complexion. But unlike before when I was still a full time mom and mostly stay at home, right now because of my work and blogging events I get to go out from time to time. Husband and I are also travelling more compared before and undeniably daily exposure to the sun and pollution causes skin to turn dark right? Thanks heaven for whitening products such as soaps and lotions we have allies against skin darkening. But with the many whitening products out there it's really hard to choose which is best for us. 

Well when it comes to making decisions as far as vanity is concern, my mom has one a big influence to me. She's way more kikay or vain than me. She's an avid user of whitening products and one of the products I grew up seeing from her is Kojiesan. I also knew some people who are loyal users of the product and so far all of them have fairer and lighter skin complexion. Undeniably Japanese women also have smooth and fair complexion and Kojiesan is formulated the traditional Japanese way  which makes me eager to try it out as well. 

Photo credits to Kojie.san Philippines Facebook Page
What made me even more interested is when I got an invite to attend their event last August 8, 2016 at Sofitel. It's not just any event, it's a celebration of their 10 fruitful years of bringing a lighter, flawless and more beautiful complexion to Filipinos. 

It was one of the event I was looking forward to for so many weeks but unfortunately, something came up on the day of the event so I wasn't able to attend anymore. But because I'm interested with the product I made some researches.

Beauty Elements Venture’s Inc. (BEVI), the manufacturer of the country’s favorite skin-lightening product, Kojiesan success story is a testament to the undaunted determination of its owner. From a few dozen orders to millions of bars sold, the soap steadily became a favorite among Filipinos. The innovative product reached consumers across the country, and soon after, distribution went worldwide as an export commodity. 

BEVI started in a humble office in a residential area of Makati. Now, the company operates from an entire building. It also owns 6 hectares of manufacturing facilities in San Pablo, Laguna, providing employment to more than 500 employees. 

Kojiesan Classic Products
BEVI launched the original kojic acid soap formulated the traditional Japanese way and made it even better by adding high-grade virgin coconut oil into the mix. 

Kojiesan is an exceptional treatment to even out skin tone, erase dark spots, and other forms of skin pigmentations. It also corrects skin discoloration while lightening the skin. The Kojiesan Classic Line includes the Skin Lightening Soap, Cleanser+Toner, Face Lightening Cream, and Body Lightening Lotion. 
Kojiesan Dream White Line
With the success of the Classic Line, Kojiesan was able to extend its product lines to other categories such as anti-aging, acne treatment, men's skincare, cellulite control, sunblock, and fragrances. Results vary individually. How your skin reacts to any skin lightener will depend on your unique skin sensitivity, the extent of the pigmentation, and/or daily sun exposure. Initially, an improvement should be seen in the first or second week, then the ultimate result within the next 30 days or a few weeks thereafter. 
Kojiesan Men Products
Kojiesan’s commitment to quality is reflected in the recognition it garnered for five consecutive years as “Bath Soap Brand of the Year” at the Watson's Health and Beauty Awards and Consumer “SM Top Choice” Awards. 

With more tricks than truth behind what brands say, Kojiesan enjoins us to be careful with what we buy. Some labels brandish catchy, creative terms ---triple effect this, intensive that, pinkish white whatever, and touting invented numbers --- 4 tones fairer, 7 days faster--- with zero consideration for your natural skin’s reaction to adverse products. 

And for all the claims and white lies told, the question remains: have they shown us results? It’s time we see the light. No lab-made chemical complexes, no marketing-invented promises. Just you and your natural beauty, shining at its lightest. 

The proof is in the pigment, and seeing is believing. So don’t let those brands tell you what works for you. Join the millions who’ve witnessed visible results, because it’s time to BRING YOUR SKIN TO LIGHT with the country’s No. 1 kojic soap: KOJIESAN! SEE IT YOURSELF.

We will continue to innovate products and expand our distribution to bring the highest level of consumer experience to a greater number of people. We want to be known as the company who delivers quality and effective products,” says BEVI marketing head, Tricia Gregorio.

I'm pretty satisfied with what I learned about them and I can't wait to try Kojiesan for myself and share my personal experience with you.

Congratulations for the 10 fruitful years Kojiesan!

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