Monday, May 23, 2016

Discover the Beauty of Success with Gandang Career Movement

We all have insecurities about ourselves, height, weight, body figure and so on. Some people may have learned to embrace their insecurities and compensate on other aspects but there are people who still struggle. These insecurities lead to low self confidence which hinders them from achieving what they want in life. I am no exception. To be honest, I'm really not confident talking face to face with other people as I have this insecurity towards my skin. I'm shy to admit it, but I'm spilling the beans here. I'm worried that people would notice my large open pores, blackheads and white heads showing up, yikes! I don't really know how to what to do with it, seriously!

Being a blogger and a working mom, I get to deal with a lot of people from all walks of life that's why I badly need to regain my self confidence back. Good thing I got invited to the launch of the Gandang Career movement by Maxi-peel last May 20, 2016.

Gandang Career is a movement that aims to empower working women like me. It’s an advocacy that seeks to motivate us so that we can achieve new accomplishments and move up our chosen professions.

Gandang Career has 3 key elements in the Filipina’s road to success: (1.) the beauty of vision where setting goals and harnessing one’s capabilities to have a rewarding career are made, (2.)  the beauty of passion where dedication and commitment to keep going are underscored, and (3.) the beauty of you, where one’s winning beauty and personality are enhanced so you can shine.

Splash Corporation, makers of Maxi-Peel, partnered with various entities for Gandang Career’s events and activities – Dale Carnegie Training, a global training and consulting company, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), an organization of human resource and management experts that also hone would-be executives through career development programs, and a dermatologist. The on-ground talks for the Gandang Career caravan focuses on personality development, success-driven performance, skill enhancement, and leadership training.

Free consultations with a dermatologist on skin care will also be held.

Gandang Career is anchored on promoting self-improvement and career advancement among female professionals. The objective is to tap one’s inner potential and go beyond what is on the surface. It will also inspire the working Filipina to set new goals – that she can do much more – for herself and for her future. Just like what happened to Jeff who is the star of Maxi-Peel's Tunay Serye.

Don’t miss this chance to explore new opportunities and possibilities. Watch out for the Gandang Career caravan in participating corporate offices nationwide. These talks and consultations will give you a new and fresh perspective in your work life. Gandang Career will also make you appreciate your career – no matter how difficult or challenging it might be at times.

Log on to for event and registration details.

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