Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Delectable Noodle Soups at Siam Noodle House

This is the continuation of my post about Siam Noodle House

Yes I enjoyed the food prepared for us but what made my Siam Noodle House experience more memorable is their Noodles! I love anything with soup especially noodles they are my comfort food and their interesting flavors of noodle soup didn't disappoint. 

Siam Noodle House Menu
We were served with 5 different dishes of noodle soup and 1 noodle salad and they all tasted good!

Yum Won Sen Php 150.00
As part of the appetizers, we were served with this Yum Won Sen or also called the Glass Noodle Salad. It looks like the ordinary Filipino Pancit Sotanghon but don't be deceived because it doesn't taste like it. This good looking combination of Clear glass noddles, colorful veggies, chopped chilies and mushrooms and crushed peanuts swept me off my feet. It's spicy but I just can't stop eating coz it tastes sooo good! Definitely a must try!

Kuaitiao Gai Php 160

Kuaitiao Gai or Chicken Noodle Soup. Who doesn't love chicken noodle soup? It's a staple in most homes but this one of course is different compared to the instant noodles. This one has rich chicken broth that's very soothing to the taste. It also has chicken chunks and herbs that adds more edge in it. This is something that can be served when you're sick or anytime you want to.

Kuaitiao Neua Php 160.00
Kuaitiao Neua or the Signature Beef is truly irresistible. It's bursting with rich beefy flavor, the beef chunks are tender and you can hear the crispy bean sprout crackling with every bite which is kind of addicting. You can never go wrong with this!

Kuaitiao Moo Php 160.00
Kuaitiao Moo or Crispy Pork Noodle Soup is amazing, something you just can't get enough of! I love the pork flavor of the broth, there's squid balls and the crispy pork which surprisingly did not lose its crispiness even soaked in the soup, but not for long of course so you gotta eat it up before it gets cold.

Kuaitiao Krok Kapi Php 160.00
Kuaitiao Krok Kapi or Shrimp Paste Surprise is truly an Authentic Thai dish. My father is an Ilocano, I grew up in Ilocos Region and shrimp paste is used in several Ilocano dishes but this is the first time that I heard about this kind of soup. It comes with a slice of egg and real shrimp. It's delicious and very tasty so I suggest you eat it with plain rice.

Spicy Pork Php160.00
Spicy pork is almost the same as the Crispy pork noodle except that the pork meat here is not crispy but soft and tender. The taste is also identical. 

Seafood Khao Soi Php 160.00
Seafood Khao Soi or Seafood Green Curry Noodle Soup is something new to me but it's in harmony with my taste buds. It has this soothing curry flavor, not too strong and it has the right amount of heat, though I personally like it more spicy. 

All their noodles has the same type of noodle, thick and flat. Each serving is good for sharing but with my appetite I know I can finish one bowl all by myself. Haha! Right now as I'm writing this I am already craving for some Crispy Pork Noodle soup and I want it spicy! I'm planning to take Jaear with me one of these days, I'm sure he'd also enjoy it! 

Come and taste Siam Noodle House's unique noodle soup dishes, it's definitely worth checking out!

Siam Noodle House is located along Presidents Avenue and Aguirre, inside BF ParaƱaque  just across Tropical Hut and Starbucks.

For more information visit them on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SIAM-Noodle-House-1712770332338907/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/siamnoodlehouse/

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