Friday, May 6, 2016

BOOMco: Blast Better Summer Explosion

Last April 23, 2016 was an action-packed weekend for Tristan as we attended BOOMco's Blast Better Summer Explosion event at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. 

BOOMco is the new generation blasters made by Mattel™ for boys and girls too! If you are worrying about kids safety, don't worry as these blasters are safe. The darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plastic. They also use the Smart Stick technology thus the tip of each darts stick to Smart Stick targets and shields.

When we arrived at the event venue Tristan can't contain his excitement upon seeing all these BOOMco. Blasters on display.

During the event selected blasters are sold with 40% off and this promotion will last until May 31, 2016. For every purchase of any BOOMco blaster except Clipfire, customers will get a free pass at the BOOMco Blast Better Summer Explosion they just have to present their receipt to authorized Richprime representative.

Before the event officially started, Tristan and the other kids had the chance to try out different blasters and practice for the challenge. 

Baby Brianna was there too and cheered for her kuya since she's still young and small to participate. 

The kids were grouped in 2 teams with 5 members each team. Tristan was part of the red team. They were also properly geared for safety and protection. Tristan was all smiles the entire duration of the event. Honestly, he wasn't really aware about the rules of the game he was just having fun, running and trying to shoot as long as he can. When his team lost he claimed that he should be in blue team which was the winning team, haha! He actually thought all along that he was in Blue Team, it was my fault somehow because before the game started I explained to him how to play and gave him a scenario. I told him to pretend that he's in blue team and that he should shoot his opponent which is the red team. 

Nevertheless, he definitely had an awesome time playing! He can't stop talking about it even as we went home. 

He was even happier as we went home with his new BOOMco.™ Farshot™ Blaster. It has single-fire blasting action which can fire up to 70 feet. It can hold 2 additional darts in the handle for quick reload. It also has a removable shields with Smart Stick technology which allows him to capture his opponents darts. It also comes with Smart stick targets which he pasted on the back of our leather chair. 

Please take note not to paste the Smart Stick targets on hard surfaces as the darts will bounce back. 

Here's a shot video of Tristan playing at the BOOMco: Blast Better Summer Explosion!

Score huge discounts up to 40% off on selected BOOMco blasters from Apr. 1 - May 31! 

For more details check out their website: BOOMco
or Like them on Facebook: Blast Better PH

  It also has removable transforming shields with Smart Stick technology, so you can capture your opponent's darts and use them yourself. And it holds two additional darts in the handle for quick re-load.And it holds two additional darts in the handle for quick re-load.

Thev darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plasticThe darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plasticThe darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plasticThe darts are made of soft, flexible and durable plastic

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