Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CEO SUITE: One-stop Serviced Office Provider in Asia

I've always dreamt of having my own business and of course a world class and a conducive office to work in to. Who wouldn't want that, right?

And, probably the reason you're here right now is because you have a business or planning to put up a business and you are searching for a perfect workplace. Because let's admit it, workplace plays a big role in a company's success. But as we all know, building your ideal office is not easy and not to mention, it's expensive.

Of course I am not discouraging you, as a matter of fact I am here to let you know that there's a solution for your office needs that CEO Suite can provide.

What is CEO SUITE?

CEO Suite is the only one-stop serviced office and virtual office provider run by multi-cultural industry experts in Asia.

With decades of intimate industry knowledge, managed by top-caliber, multilingual management team, CEO SUITE offers a one stop service station tailored to all your business requirements. Invaluable networking opportunities are provided via cocktail parties, art auctions, charity functions and coaching sessions to maximize “who you know.”

CEO Suite provides different services for clients who need serviced offices, instant office, virtual office and professional services for their companies. And the good thing is their furnished offices can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, whatever your requirement demands.

As for the virtual office, you will have a designated phone number, which will be answered by CEO Suite's trained staffs who will then forward to your desired number. You can even use their email address extension and emails will be forwarded to you. Cool isn't it?

So, Why Choose CEO SUITE?

1.  Premium Executive Office Suites 
                  Most efficient and prestigious means of establishing your business in Asia with 650                   ready to occupy premium furnished office suites in various sizes and layouts.

2. Landmark Locations
                  Positioned in Asia’s most prestigious Grade A buildings in the CBD. CEO SUITE takes                       pride in the selection of quality buildings only in the best business locations as your                             virtual office.

3. World Class Facilities
                 All office facilities combine advanced technological innovations and design sophistication                  with unique fengshui considerations for maximum comfort.

4. One-stop Business Service
                 It takes one phone call to resolve any business hurdle at CEO SUITE matching you with                      the right business partner for any corporate requirement.

5. A Cut Above
                 Through consistent delivery, credibility and dependability, CEO SUITE has emerged as a                     trusted choice for many blue-chip multinational companies.

It was last April 8, 2016 when I together with my co-bloggers got to know more about CEO Suite and we got the chance to tour its center here in our country which is one of the tallest buildings at Makati Central Business District, the LKG Tower. The CEO Suite is located at the 37th floor of LKG Tower providing a 360 degree view of the Makati CBD, which somehow gives a relaxing vibe while working.  
Friendly and accommodating staff will welcome you at the reception

Lobby or the waiting area

One of CEO Suite's furnished serviced office for 3 people.

Pantry complete with food and beverages. It also comes with a Television

Extension of the pantry. 
It's actually a hallway with built in table and has chairs with a huge mirror at the opposite side.

To know more about their service, you can visit CEO Suite thru  
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