Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Hauls for the Month of July

I don't usually join contests especially the raffle type. I always thought to my self that I don't have any luck to it, well basing on few raffle contests I joined previously. But this has changed big time ever since I started participating online contests//giveaways.
First of all I found about this from a friend Lovely Joy Merced author of Bundles of Joy. Since we have an internet connection at home and I'm everyday online, I gave it a try and it suddenly turned into an addiction. Yes at first it's kinda boring coz you have to do it everyday to earn more entries if you wish to win and the feeling when you don't win at the end is just saddening. But instead of concluding that you're unlucky, try to think of it the other way around, maybe it's not for you. And that changed my perception towards contests. Well in life we win some we lose some, when you lose you become more determined and that way winning is so much sweeter. Just like me, I had my share of losing but also gained a lot not just the prizes I won from winning but I was able to meet new friends on the process.

Anyways, I started participating online contests just last month (July) and I would love to share my winnings from then, not to brag but so somehow inspire others and change their perception just like what happened to me and also maybe a way of saying thank you to all the bloggers who gave me the opportunity of winning.
I know it's already too late for me to be blogging about my July hauls, I was actually trying to complete them all but too bad I don't have it all on hand yet but decided to share anyway.

ALright, so the first time I won a 30 pcs. personalized cupcakes from Delishaes Cakes. They are party themed cake supplier who happened to have an ongoing giveaway by the time I found out about them. I posted about it HERE. I won this for my baby Girl's 1st birthday this coming September so I don't have any photos to share yet. But here are few of the cakes they make.

(all photos derived from Delishaes Cakes Facebook Page)
Looks good right? I bet they taste good as well, I really can't wait for September. Aside from the cupcakes I've won I also decided to order the cake from them, my baby Girl's party theme is Barbie and until now, I haven't decided on the design yet I'm thinking of something more personalized.
Hey by the way are you hosting a party? why not check out their Facebook page and see all their wonderful creations! Visit them here Delishaes Cakes

Ok moving on, after just a week I won from BeBengisms Bact To School Giveaway Sponsored by Regent Foods Corp. It was a contest for 6 weeks I guess and each week there are set of winners and luckily I won on the 4th week. So after the entire contest period my prize was shipped right to our doorstep by Regent Foods Corp.
I think I must have deleted some photos, good thing I was able to post a collage on facebook right away to thank Ms. Denise of Bebengisms and Regent Foods. Corp.

Kuya Tantan and Athena checking the foods out, they are so happy and I like the Green bag too I can use it for grocery shopping since we don't use plastic here in our city.

2 days before July ended I again received an email, yes for the third time around I won in another online contest yey! It was a month long anniversary hosted by Louise of Mommypracticality. Every week different prizes and I was lucky enough to be one of the 5 winners on her 4th week giveaway with the Health and Wellness Package! Though  was only able to take a hold of my prize yesterday because the prizes aren't to be shipped, I have to personally claim it from her or have a representative claim it for me. But for the past weeks we didn't have the time good thing Jaear (my husband) had an appointment in Makati so he dropped by at Louise work place to claim the prize.

J receiving the prize for me from Louise :)

The Health and Wellness Package includes:

1. Bamboo Dappy- a Washable Cloth Pad, my first stash for my soon to be born baby :)
2. A bottle of Myra 300-e - contains 30 Capsules good for 2 months. I would really love to try this but it's not recommended for pregnant women so I might just give it to my in law.
3. Human Heart Nature Shampoo- I've been hearing a lot of good things about the product, it's 100% natural, with peppermint scent which smells so good and refreshing and it's for hair strengthening, perfect for my damaged hair.
4. Swish Mouthwash- Because brushing is not enough hehe, talking about health and wellness :) I'm interested with the flavor Mangosteen Mint!
5. Ph care Feminine Wipes- Variants of Cool Wind and Passionate bloom. It's a ladies must have. I love the scent, i love it because it's handy can fit into my purse and most of all it will keep me feeling fresh and clean.
6. David's Salon Discount Voucher- Not just 1 but 8 coupons in it, yey! I badly need a hair treatment :)
7. Celeteque- Anti stretch mark cream, this is my favorite it's safe to use even while pregnant I can't wait to try it!

Pretty cool eh?

Lastly, I ended July with another winning hooray! Another Health and Wellness prize but this time its for Kuya Tantan. I won a complete set of Champs Chewable Vitamins. It was hosted by Ms. Cj M. De Castro of Planeville Mom. Like me maybe it's your first time hearing about this vitamins, it's a product of CCM International Philippines Inc which was recently awarded as Guardian Customer's Choice Award 2013 under Kids Supplement Category. I'm so excited to try this to Kuya Tantan but unfortunately until now our prizes weren't shipped yet and we haven't heard anything yet from Ms. Cj since she announced the winner. I wonder what happened, but i'm hoping that everything's alright. Anyway I can still wait for it. Since I don't have the prize yet I don't have my own photo but just grabbed this from Planeville Mom's page, I hope she don't mind.
5 Variants: Champs Omega 3 Plus, Champs M with Lysine, Champs M (9 essential vitamins), Champs C with Lysine, Champs C (vitamin C)

There you have it, a total of 4 winnings in one month. Not bad at all for a beginner like me huh! Just got lucky? Maybe, but I'd rather call this as blessings I am Blessed! Thank you Mommypracticality, Delishaes Cakes, Planeville Mom, Bebengisms and above all Thank you Dear Lord! But hey this isn't over yet, I don't wanna sound greedy but I'll be joining some more contests because it just gives me satisfaction everytime I win, because I'm winning not just for me but for my family. So what are you waiting for, come and join me :)

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